With so much to do and think about and with emotions often running high in the run up to your wedding day and on the day itself it’s helpful to identify your wedding heroes – People to share the load. Traditionally there are certain roles and responsibilities given to members of the wedding party including the Best Man, Chief Bridesmaid, Bridesmaids, etc. but try to be creative to ensure you allocate the responsibilities to the most appropriate person for the job.

Here are a few wedding heroes you might want to think about:

Crowd Controller

Image from The Runaway Bride via The Medusa Cascade

Image from: The Medusa Cascade

Showing guests into the ceremony and seating them is traditionally the role of the Best Man and Ushers. If you’re having a different location for your reception or if there are additional complications like parking directions at a marquee wedding, you may need to enlist some additional directional heroes. Rounding up guests for the dreaded group shots is also an area where having some additional crowd control support would be helpful.


Your Signal Fire

 As much as you want everything to look and feel just right on your wedding day, sometimes things do not go to plan or you just feel a little overwhelmed by the great sense of occasion. Consider having a special sign or signal that you give to one of your bridal party to indicate that you need their ‘special’ help. For example, I advise my clients to make sure they take a little time away from their guests to saviour the moment. This can be quite challenging sometimes as your guests will all want the opportunity to greet you, say how wonderful you look, how fabulous the ceremony was, how delicious the food was, etc. making it hard for you to ‘get away’.  Your signal fire can come to the rescue, by whisking you off for a few quiet moments.


The Purse holder

The drinks allocation for one of your guest tables is reaching its limit and one of the guests asks for another bottle of wine.  To avoid the need for your venue staff to interrupt your top table enjoyment on your wedding day, appoint someone you trust as the keeper of your purse for the day who can give the go ahead for additional spend (within an agreed envelope of course!). This might be one of your parents or the best man but it might be appropriate to allocate this role to another relative or friend who is not directly involved in giving a speech.


Wearing the Red Coat

You may choose to have a formal toastmaster or MC to announce your entrance into the wedding breakfast, announce the cake cutting, first dance, etc.  If you want something less formal, why not ask the venue if they have someone who can take on this role or perhaps add this to the task list of your Best Man. It needs to be someone with confidence and with a good clear voice.


An Eye out for Aunty Mary

If you’re worried about a particular guest who may need careful handling or extra special attention give one of your wedding party the job of keeping an eye on them, checking that their needs/worries/concerns are being catered for (avoiding the need for them to tap you on your shoulder with their worries!)


On the Day Go To Person

Like the purse holder, this hero is someone that you, your guests, members of your wedding party, venue staff and wedding suppliers can all go to with any on the day queries or issues. For example, Mother of the Bride in need of spare tights, an usher in need of a quick how to ‘tie a bow tie’ lesson, a guest wishing to know what time the wedding breakfast will be served or if it’s time to cut the cake, the number for a local taxi firm, the list is endless!

As your wedding planner we can take on any of these roles. So why not get in touch to find out how I can be one of your wedding heroes just for your one very special day!

Author: Valerie, Benessamy Events