My husband and I live in this magical city called New Orleans.  A very non-traditional feeling old style traditional city.  Music is in the air.  A man, standing on the corner of Canal and S. Peters trumpet in hand, open case primed with a few dollars by his feet.  A sad melodic sound echoes down the street.  Dixieland Jazz pumping in the streets of the French Quarter.  Close by lies Frenchman Street, a stretch of road lined with some of the most amazing mixtures of sights and sounds.  People and music pour out of each doorway you pass.  Not far down is a little enclave of artists.  Some of the finest art you will find in New Orleans if I say so myself.  And I do.

I live across the Mississippi River which bisects the City of New Orleans.  From our shores and levee that’s where you really see the beauty and power of our home.  Hop the ferry at sunset sometime.  What a skyline.  From the local pubs, to the finest 5 star restaurants, art, creativity and energy is everywhere.  The music.  The paintings and photographs.  The shops of Magazine Street.  The southern mansions that line St. Charles or the sprawling plantations of long ago.  The artists of Jackson Square.  Gators and MudBugs.  The Roots of Music.  The party.  Ah yes, The Party.

See that’s what people come here for.  Or so they think.  But really its more.  Its subtle and infectious.  Its the people.  The vibe.  The warm embrace from a stranger.  The sound of a foghorn in the distance, a streetcar passing by or maybe music floating in the air from a lonely trumpet singing a siren’s song.  Or possibly a strand of bright and shiny beads flying your way from a parade float.  Marching brass bands lead costumed characters riding on blinged out floats through the streets of New Orleans.  A little harmless debauchery hurt no one.

There’s something about New Orleans.  You either get it or you don’t.  But when you do, you just can’t let go.  Visitors are welcomed with open arms.  There is so much to see and experience.  Of course there are the parks and zoo which are all wonderful.  But its the character.  That’s what you have to see.  The charm of the 300 year old buildings with sagging balconies lining French Quarter and Algiers Point.  The famous St. Louis Cemetery #1.  Original cobblestones of granite line the streets.  Amidst her crooked and bumpy roads is a culture and soul.  From the lights of the infamous Bourbon Street, the voodoo and ghost stories, to the eclectic restaurants of the revived Warehouse District and out bayou way, there is no better place in the world to throw a destination wedding than New Orleans.  A place where you truly dress and be anyone you want to be.  Let your hair down.

A colourful taste of New Orleans

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All you need is a good mask and parasol.  Don your wildest attire and then join in the party as we sash-shay to the beat of a traditional Second line Brass band.  A celebration.  Any night of the week.  Yep.  That’s my home.

Author: Pamela, Pamela Reed Photography