Designing your perfect wedding theme in 3 easy steps using the ‘Alice Cocktail’

Simply grab your 6 ingredients, shake and pour!

The most critical thing to consider is to think outside the box; get away from the ‘must have’s’ and ‘should have’s’

Because otherwise your wedding will lack personality, you-niqueness and you simply end up regurgitating what has already been done many times over.

So how do your plan your wedding theme easily?


There’s an old ‘designer’ rule that has made it’s way into many cultures when using colours whether in fashion, textiles, photography, painting or more that is: group in threes. The general idea is that information, objects and colour that appear in threes are more appealing, memorable, and effective – and it works. So now I want you to start thinking in threes.

So, are you ready? Let’s do it!

The Alice Cocktail: Planning your wedding theme

Step 1: It’s all elemental my dear

Once you have chosen your theme, on a separate piece of paper (one piece per theme if you’re still undecided which to go for) consider the following and then write it down.

Identify three elements of your theme that you love. ONLY three. For e.g. I love Steampunk but I really don’t like those weddings that have everything OTT’d in Steampunk because it’s overpowering and you lose the sophistication and romance of the entire idea.

So, I would pull out those elements of Steampunk that I am attracted to: 1. Corsets (my ultimate must have), 2. Colours (rusts, golds, royal reds, browns) and 3. Accessories (pocket watches, antique jewellery, Steampunk goggles etc.). By considering the top three elements, I now have a great start to designing my wedding theme; I know what to look for when designing things like invitations or for buying all those little details for table design etc by using these three elements.

Step 2: Creating you-niqueness

To create the you-niqueness, that is, to put the ‘you in unique’ and to create a fantastically personal wedding, you now add three elements that describe your personalities as a couple: e.g. fun, extravagant, retro, geeky, modern, simplistic, vibrant and so on. For us it would be Down to earth (which helps me keep things simple), Fun (which matches our sense of humour) and relaxed (which stops me going overboard).

Can you see what’s happening? We’re beginning to create a visual story that reflects who you are, what you love and begins to shape your theme.

Step 3: Mix it up

This is easy part! Now write down your three personality traits and your three wedding theme elements and voila! There you have your perfect wedding theme list. This is the list that will help you choose all those wonderful details of your wedding, from your dress to the invitations, to the music and all those wonderful accessories and will keep it sophisticated, reflect your personality and create one hell of a memorable day!

But be warned…

Although the list is flexible (if you find along the way one or more of the elements on the list aren’t quite right then simply change it), the most important thing you need to remember is to stick to it. DO NOT add to it – always ensure you have six elements on your list at any given time.

Enjoy your planning – may the merryness of wedding yummyness excite the next few months!