These traditions deserve their rightful place in history, but that’s where they need to stay.

Requesting your hand in marriage

I’d like to hear from anyone in the last year who actually asked the Brides father for their hand in marriage?!


Why bother throwing little tiny pieces of paper that not only affect ‘keeping green’ but also just gives somebody a hell of job to clean up. Go for the new trends like bubbles!

Seeing the Bride before the wedding

Who cares if you see your Bride-to-be the night before the wedding? Theses days most of us are already shacked-up prior to the wedding so what’s one night? In fact, a growing trend in the US is to have wedding photos together before the nuptials!

Carrying the bride over the threshold

OK, so this tradition is in fact quite a romantic one but lets be honest, most of our blokes after an amazing wedding day and plenty of drinks to celebrate don’t really want to consider the potential of dropping his Bride the night of the wedding.

Tin cans and ‘Just married’ signs on the wedding car

Simply put – cheesy!

Father of the Bride pays for the wedding

Unfortunately living together prior to the wedding wipes this one out.

Best Man’s Speech

Why should it just be the Best Man who can give a speech? Why not let anybody who wants to give a speech, speak?! There are many Best Men who don’t want to do a speech; why should all the pressure have to be put on them. If he wants to – super! If not, give others a chance.

Cheesy group shots

Documentary/Reportage wedding photography is so much more powerful at capturing your day. Loaded with emotion your wedding day is so much more memorable if you drop the typical ‘stand and deliver cheesy grins at camera’ type photos.


So what new traditions should we take up for the modern wedding? Have your say and leave a comment below.

Featured image: Kevin Mullins Photography