With the rise in Zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead and Dead Set, Zombie themed weddings are becoming a popular choice as are Zombie thememed engagement shoots. So to help inspire your Zombie themed wedding, here’s a wickedly creative wedding photo shoot for your inspiration.

From the pursuit to the final chapter, will the in-laws survive?

Shot by Duncan Holmes photography and with an epic cast and crew this undead wedding inspiration is just cool!

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Cast and Crew


From Duncan:

A while back, a friend posted a picture of a zombie themed wedding cake, with bride and groom at the top fighting off the climbing zombies. My thoughts immediately turned to the hills behind my hometown of Largs and the potential for bringing the images to life. Fired by this inspiration a shoot was born.

Frabjous creatives:

Photographer: Duncan Holmes
Videographer: George M Monaghan

Makeup artists: Hannah Strickland
Miss Taarna

Hair: Lesley Docherty РHead Strong Soloutions

Second photographers Kate Sam and Hamish Archibald.

Bride -Florence Sutherland
Groom -Kaspars Grisulis
Zombies: Benita, Marco,Cara, Maisie, Nikki, Fiona, Fi, Keira, Vicki, Victoria, Stuart, Karin, Amanda, Farah,Shannen, Haydn, Hamish and Kate