I’m serious! And remember, you saw it here first!

This is simply the most spectacular Steampunk wedding ever! A mammoth of creativity and Steampunk splendour, Faith and Michael’s Aussie Steampunk affair is one I will not forget. This is a dream come true for me too as Faith relied on Alice In Weddingland the whole way through for her wedding planning and ideas – I so excited. This is the first wedding I’ve featured whereby the Bride is a big AIW fan! Thanks Faith!

This is the kind of wedding that produces orgasmic type excitement with “oh my god!!!” and “oooooh” as you swagger through the stunning legacy that is their wedding photos. Captured by the impeccable talent that is Ky from B.Captured who has transformed Faith and Michaels Steampunk wedding photos into art that will adorn their walls. His style is impressive, unique and gob-smackingly captivating, artistic and unbelievably beautiful!

The Bride, Faith, is a woman after my own heart, she walked down the aisle to one of the most influential and scary pieces of music ever, from one of the most iconic movies ever, the Jaws movie theme. Saturating herself in this immense project with choosing every little detail to tell their story; from sumptuous fabrics to the Steampunk mace – every bit of this wedding is delicately put together and articulated with such precision that it is a story.

Be warned – you are not about to peruse ‘real wedding’ photos – you are about to be transported to a place where imagination meets reality. This really is the world’s best Steampunk wedding including the world’s best Steampunk wedding cake!

Enjoy the journey!!



From the Bride:

We decided very early in the process to keep ourselves well removed from the traditional spheres of wedding ritual. After all we have both led lives far too colourful to constrain ourselves to the conventional palate. Fortunately I had already decided that Gallery Serpentine would make my outfit, the timely discovery of a pair of Steampunk cufflinks merely triggered the inevitable creative avalanche.  For us the Victorian Steampunk genre possesses interestingly superimposed industrial, floral and oddly juxtaposed modern and historic textures. It is colourful, risqué, oddly sophisticated and a little bit grungy, which is kind of how we see ourselves.  After twelve months of dedicated research the results we achieved were we believe tasteful, opulent and above all quirky.

We chose Kingsbrook Estate as our venue as its gorgeous grounds and understated French provincial style was the perfect backdrop to our colourful assemblage. All of our outfits were made of exquisite dupioni silks. The depth of colour and lustre of these fabrics easily realized the look we had envisaged. It was scary because all the fabrics were bought online after colour matching a small army of swatches and then sent straight to Sydney for manufacture. We didn’t know what the whole ensemble was going to look like together until a week before the wedding when it all arrived in Adelaide. Thankfully all the disparate Steampunk elements just fell together gelling perfectly without discord or mishap.  I want to do it all over again! Now! Creatively it was the most enjoyable project either of us had ever undertaken.

The day itself was a small piece of magic really. The weather was a perfect sunny sort of overcast, it was romantic and intimate even though filled with the bustle of guests. From the inherent humour of the event itself to the music that we chose and the attention to detail in the Steampunk theming (there is plenty of scope for that), everything we did was structured in such a way as to maximise fun and remove the sobriety that often accompanies such occasions. I mean I walked down the aisle to the sinister strains of the Jaws movie theme- Michael had to know what he was getting into there and then surely.  Our 11 year old daughter walked with me and then formally bestowed her blessings upon our union. Even that was funny– the mercenary thing, she essentially sold me to Michael in a little mime act they had secretly contrived.

We have so many happy memories of that day, but it was over all too quickly. I’m not sure I can wait for the 10 year vow renewal to have the opportunity to organise another one. I’m just so grateful that Ky Luu was there to capture it all for us. The most marvellous thing about him was that his vision of the day was the same as mine so the resulting images are perfect.

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Creative team:

www.bcaptured.com.au Photography
  All Bridal party clothing except the Grooms frock coat
www.aliceinweddingland.co.uk/   for research purposes OF COURSE!
http://www.whitearum.com.au / Florist
honeycombveils.com/  my stunning veil by the very talented Eilat
www.etsy.com/shop/NouveauMotley  Quality original Steampunk jewellery pieces
www.etsy.com/shop/OnceUponABustle  Striking Bridal headpiece, boutonnieres & bouquet inserts
www.etsy.com/shop/BellaBaroqueDesign  Custom letterpress wedding favour tins
www.etsy.com/shop/anistadesigns  handmade wedding stationary and place settings
www.sugarushcakes.com.au/  Yummy and creative wedding cake
www.dreamcaketoppers.com  Cake toppers
www.hyenaproductions.com/  Opulent silks, fantastic service
www.etsy.com/shop/VCoutureBoutique  Sexy wedding night corsetry
www.gentlemansemporium.com/gentlemans.php  Annihilator Mk II rifle prop
www.crazybeautiful.net.au/  Hair
www.lydia.segal.com.au/  Make up
royalsteamline.com/ Stunning Steampunk wedding invitations
www.lollyphile.com/ Adult flavoured lollypops for the favour tins

Steampunk your wedding

What’s incredibly humbling for me is that it wasn’t until putting this post together that I discovered that Faith had used Alice in Weddingland for research purposes while planning her wedding. I was so taken aback. There is nothing better for a wedding blogger than to hear from those who have been inspired by your inspiration and creativity. Faith, you did an outstanding job.

I love this wedding! Every single little bit of it. All weddings should be this kind of fairytale! All weddings should be this creative! And all Brides and Grooms deserve to have unbelievably breathtaking photos like Ky from B.Captured has produced here. These images are outstanding works of art. Is this the best Steampunk wedding ever?! You know my answer. What’s yours?