Creating fashion from your wedding photos

Be warned… The following images are enchantingly sophisticated, incredibly creative and will leave you wanting more. These real wedding photos are like editorials that have jumped from the pages of Vogue magazine ; shots of glamorous Hollywood starlets of times gone by, yet they’re all real Brides.

Grand Master Yervant and Anie, the owners of Yervant International, an award winning boutique studio based in Melbourne, have perfected their Signature style of wedding photography and create images that belong on the walls of a gallery in Melbourne; sensually elegant and glamorous.

Yervant has perfected their ‘fashion meets weddings’ Signature style which has been nurtured over 20 years. A style that brings the Bride to life in editorial, or fashion like imagery.

I am a huge fan of fashion wedding photography and both Yervant and Anie are exceptional at the photographs they create; legacies of Brides who resemble models of beautiful love, not real Brides. They become legends through glossy, misty photographs.

These are real Brides! These are real weddings!

I am deeply inspired by Yervant Photography and wish it upon every Bride to have stunning memories of their wedding day like these. This is wedding photography! Prepare to gasp.

AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0023AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0001AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0002 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0003 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0004 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0005 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0006 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0007  AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0009 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0010Breathtaking!   AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0013 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0014 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0015 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0016 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0017  AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0019 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0020 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0021 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0022 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0024 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0025 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0026 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0027 AliceMagazing-I2-Wedding-Photography-Yervant-0029

Find more stunning wedding fashion Photography at: Yervant International and introduce yourself to Yervant and Anie! They’re wonderful people!!