Having a theme for your wedding is a great way to bring in creativity and pull together the different aspects of your special day into one overall look.  The simplest way to do this is to incorporate one or two colours and use these throughout your stationery, outfits, flowers and reception detail.

Great, but how do you decide on what those colours should be?  Read on…

A Season for all

The season can give you a great pointer as to what colour might be ideal.  Autumnal colours of deep reds and browns teamed with rich oranges are set off fantastically against the colours naturally occurring in at that time of year.  Berry bright pinks and pastels are lovely for Summer and sorbet yellows and zingy limes for Spring can incorporate some of the daffodils and tulips that start to show their faces at that time of year, contrasted with the fantastic blue of the Iris.  Crisp whites and ice blue work well for winter, or bright reds and rich gold for Christmas time weddings.

Complexities of Complexion

If you are a striking red head drawing on deep oranges, browns and bright blues will set off your fiery hair.  If you are a classic English Rose, pale pinks rather than deep reds would be gorgeous, particularly attractive are super pale pastels that can give a real heritage look and are bang on trend.  Extend your thoughts to the groom too; a compromise needs to be reached so that you have something that will work for both of you.

Stamp your personality on proceedings

If you are a quirky couple bright and beautiful colours with a strong theme is probably no less than what your guests are expecting, if you are a more classic couple, muted sage and natural foliage is a look which may suit.  There are few limits and do not feel that going outside of classic creams and browns will look tacky – it certainly need not be the case.

The matching maniac

Don’t get carried away, everything included in your wedding does not have to comply with a colour code.  What can be most effective is an accent colour providing a few splashes to break up an otherwise neutral palette, such as a fabulous statement piece of vintage jewellery.

And so… Some great colour options to give you a hint:


Lilac and Deep Purple – subtle lilac teamed with a stronger purple is a really lovely combination.


Fresh Kiwi Green with Ivory – fantastic with ivory roses and lots of foliage in bouquets and at the reception, bright yet still natural.


Mochas, Chocas, and lashings of Cream – shades of browns, from beige; which is anything but boring through to rich chocolates are fantastic, and can provide a really warm feel.


All in the pink – strong pinks with small pockets of pale pink.


Something blue – whether you are going for a nautical theme or planning on following the current aqua trend, bringing some accent blues is great for blondes and brunettes alike.


So do not delay and get choosing – bring that “je ne sais quoi” to your day!

Author: Sarah, Indigo Flash