There is one thing I still go gaga over, and have done since I started Alice, and that’s Bridal Party photos. But why don’t all Brides take these photos seriously. Far too often it’s ‘stand and deliver’ shots but for the photo conscious Bride that’s all changing. Bridal Party photos are becoming a huge part of their big day and are spectacular!

I can’t tell you how many Brides, DON’T (sorry, I had to capitalise it to grab your attention) consider their photos on the day – they book a photographer whose pics they like or choose a friend or family member to take their shots and leave it at that, expecting to have spectacular photos on the day – and I’ve heard the disappointment far too often. It aches me!!! I was there once.

If you’re like me and want spectacular memories; after all you’ve poured your heart, soul and money into your big day, remembering it as it was and showing off your memories is important, then choosing your photographer is key to your legacy.

Cool Bridal Party Photos

If you’ve seen the latest Ultimate Wedding Magazine, you would have read my latest article on just that – ‘Cool Bridal Party Photos: in with the spectacular, out with the boring!‘. And…

If you’ve seen the magazine you would have had a sneak peak at the photos form my amazing friend Ky Luu in Australia too! He is my ultimate wedding photographer! If I was to get married again, I would fly home and snap him up, seriously. His photos are creative genius and he has an incredible ability to capture the Bridal Party naturally, but you’d swear it was a magazine photo shoot.

Here’s more of his stunning Bridal Party photos.

AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-00 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-01 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-02 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-03 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-04 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-05 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-06 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-07 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-08 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-09 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-10 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-11  AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-13 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-14 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-15 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-16 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-17 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-18 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-19 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-20

Bridal Party Photos

You guys know that I’m a photography groupie right! And although I’m a fan of creative photography, and all things fashiony and magaziney looking, I equally love those shots captured naturally, they sparkle and always make me sparkle with them.

Get Creative

Get a photographer with a keen, creative eye, one who is open to experimenting with the possiblities of creating your own personal art and voila!!!

So think about your style, your theme and the kind of photos you want. It’s that easy. The hardest part for you guys will be to stop giggling on your big day – because you’re going to have so much fun!

WARNING! Passion statement on it’s way…  I can’t say it loud enough – please consider the kind of photos you want to hang on your wall! And talk to your photographer about it; discuss your ideas, the types of shots you want and love, and don’t forget the Bridal Party photos, these make some of the best shots of the day (besides the ones of just you two of course). 

OK passion statement over 🙂

After all, it’s not often you all look so amazing; all dressed up, having such a wicked time and naturally this makes stunning photos – capture them!

All spectacular photography on this post and in the magazine is by the multiple award winning Australian photographer Ky Luu of B.Captured Photography! Thank you Ky!!!

If you have any questions about your wedding photos or choosing a wedding photographer, get in touch! I’d love to help you!

Zarn xx

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my article in the Ultimate Wedding Magazine for how you can create spectacular Bridal Party photos!