Don’t just do it for his eyes only! Do it for you! Boudoir can be one of the most self-empowering, fun things you’ll do for yourself. And with results like these, who would want to miss the opportunity, or excuse, to give Hubby2B a stunning gift he won’t stop staring at!

Boudoir Photography is no longer “ooh ahh” moments in front of a camera. It’s about unleashing your inner-glamorous-burlesque self and with photographers increasing this service in their repertoire world -wide, there are Brides2B all over the world discovering their inner goddess prior to their wedding day. Lets face it, if you can embrace your wobbly bits and show them to a camera, wouldn’t it make you feel strong, empowered and confident; a goddess in the making!

Check out these images from Claudia Magas Photography! This is how sensually beautiful we all are!


 “Photography is sexy and sensual, glamorous and fun. It’s about creating a sensual portrait in an intimate setting. It is not sexually explicit and it is never vulgar. It can be elegant or kinky and playful. It shows a woman’s beauty and sensuality.”says Claudia Magas of Claudia Magas Photography.


It’s about sense of self; discovering who you are and being proud of what’s inside and outside.


“Boudoir Photography is becoming a big and important part of my life and my business. I really enjoy working with all these beautiful women.” says Claudia.


Think shoes, hands, eyes, not just beautiful lingerie and sexy poses!!

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