Date booked, venue chosen, fairytale wedding dress orderedwhat next ……hair ….. what am I going to do with my hair? An up do, flowing locks hanging loose, stick to my normal hair style or go for something really different ……. decisions …. decisions! OK yes style decided ….now what ………. accessories!!!

The wonderful world of wedding hair accessories can be quite a daunting one but with a little help from a few friends such as your Hairdresser & hopefully us through this blog post you will be able to have fun & enjoy the hunt to find  your dream hair accessory be it a tiara, headband, wedding comb, hair vine or hair pins …. perhaps even a combination of two or three … on & be inspired!


Firstly have you decided on a wedding style or theme? Vintage is always a winner but this year we have seen a lean towards Hollywood glamour with a sprinkling of dreamy Fairytale magic.

Tiaras fit well into any wedding style; they come in a range of styles & heights to suit everyone & need not be expensive.  Most tiaras use standard fitting headband which has a certain degree of flexibility allowing it to be manipulated to make smaller or larger dependant on your individual need. A side tiara or headband is particularly suited to a shorter hair style or a retro shabby chic styles wedding theme..

These days Wedding Hair Combs & Hair Pins are also available in all styles & designs. They are usually more delicate than a headband & are often the hair accessory of choice for the Bridesmaids &/or Flower Girl. For that extra special touch why not consider opting for a handmade comb or hair pins, generally less expensive than tiaras they can often offer terrific value for money.


The internet is a great way to look for your dream hair accessory & buying online can often work our cheaper than shopping on the High Street. Most online Retailers offer a returns facility which will allow you to buy the accessory & try it on at home or take it to a hair trial or dress fitting to make sure it is perfect for your day & if not suitable return it for a refund.

We have listed our top tips when choosing your hair accessories which hopefully answer some of the most common questions that you may have

Rule no 1; there are no rules! It is your special day so make sure your hair accessories reflect you & your style & values. Don’t be afraid to mix & match be bold perhaps choosing a tiara headband & add further detailing to the back of your hair-do by adding a small comb or some hairpins.


Create a mood board for your special day with a section dedicated to accessories – websites such as Pinterest are a great source of ideas & you can collate pictures of accessories you like & think may work for you. The wedding magazines & online blogs & forums are a must too!

If you have fine hair a good way to make sure that your headband, tiara or comb stays in place use one hair grip at the side of the hair accessory & then slide a second hair grip in by making it cross over. The two grips working together will make sure everything stays in place all day & into the night.

If you don’t fancy a tiara or hair comb how about using some large hairpins as these can look just as effective & truly stunning when scattered throughout your hair.

Make sure you chosen accessory is comfortable …. It’s a long (& happy day) which you do not want to spoil wearing an ill fitting or uncomfortable tiara!


Be careful when applying hairspray as lacquer can often dull the sparkle form your diamantes & beads ….. just what you don’t want on your special day!

The best advice we can give you is to have fun & don’t forget to use the experts! Your hairdresser will be only too pleased to offer some advice about the style & structure of your hair which should make the task of finding your accessories a lot simpler. Phone or email the company you are looking to buy from & ask their opinions too.


So armed with this advice we hope you find your dream hair tiara, comb, hairpin or hair vine – do not accept second best. This is your big day and you want, and deserve, to look & feel a million $’s.