Dessert tables and candy buffets are getting more and more popular especially at weddings. Why?

Well, you will find that there are many reasons. First, they offer your guests more choice of dessert than just the wedding cake or the sweet that is served as part of a sitting down meal. They can include an amazing variety of goodies such as cupcakes, meringues, centerpiece cakes, petit-fours, biscuits, macaroons, fruit tartlets etc…

Also, as well as to its size, dessert tables can be adapted to the style of the event, adding a special, memorable touch to the wow factor of your big day. Ribbon, stands, food tags, table cloths, buntings and other décor coordinate both colours and themes.  It’s a real work of Art!

And last but not least, dessert buffets take some pressure away from you.

Oh absolutely! Don’t you worry about your guests not enjoying themselves and mingle with one another anymore! It will give the most shy person the opportunity to pass comments and get the conversation going!


So lovely brides to be, have I convinced you yet?

To sum up, not only dessert tables reflect who you are, they are also edible, decorative and even interactive. What more could you ask for?

Author: Lauren, French Made