Wedding Group Shots

Group Photos are often the least enjoyable part of a wedding day for everyone involved. However, I am here to change that!! In my experience as a wedding photographer it helps to have great communication with my couples in the lead up to their big day, so that we are both on the same page and have already agreed on which family photographs they want.

Here are some of my top tips to ensure the wedding group photos run smoothly :

Communication is key

A few weeks before your wedding your photographer should contact you to go over any last minute details and to confirm which wedding group photographs you would like on the day. It’s also a good time to run through your wedding day timeline together and ensure enough time has been allocated to capture everything you’ve requested.

Keep it short & sweet

The biggest problem with wedding group photos is them taking too long and both you & your guests getting bored. There is nothing worse than a forced smile after having to stand around for an hour posing for photos! I advise my couples to keep their list of group photos to a maximum of 8. This usually takes only 15-20 mins to work through which means you have more time to spend with your guests and I have more time to capture relaxed, natural candid photos.

Be realistic

When planning your wedding day timeline, be sure to allow enough time for group photographs. 30 minutes should be enough, but if you have a large wedding party then take this into consideration and allow a little extra time. I also ask for 30 minutes alone with the Bride & Groom at some point during the day to capture some lovely portraits. It’s the only time you will have alone together, so plan this into your day and make the most of it!

Trust your photographer

You may have wanted wedding group photos at the church, but if the lighting conditions aren’t suitable or the location doesn’t work well, then always trust your photographer if they suggest an alternative. It’s their job to find the most flattering light and suitable location to ensure that you have the best possible photos for your album.

Enlist helpers

Provide your Ushers with a copy of the list and give them the job of rounding up guests for the wedding group shots. They can quickly gather them ready for each shot, which helps the photographer work through these quickly and means everyone can get back to enjoying the party!

Get wedding group photos that rock

My aim when capturing group photos is to keep it fun & relaxed, rather than a stiff formal line up! By keeping the mood light & working quickly, I am able to capture great moments like these…

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Author: Kelly, Lola Rose Photography wedding photographer