Over the years, I would look back at my photograph with disdain – it was just so, so eighties!!! And that flower circlet in my hair – ugggh it was just so twee. Now, here we are 30 years later and guess what? Those flower circlets are back. Bigger, bolder and better.

Back in 1983, I was 13 years old and a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding. My dress was a floor length taffeta, hooped skirt number with obligatory 80’s ruffles. The colour as my mother put it was “dusky pink”.  In my hair, I wore a circlet of silk flowers with a satin ribbon cascading from the back. I thought I was the bee’s knees – then but looking back over the years I would cringe every time I saw the photo – it was so terribly 80’s.

But it’s back!!!

And I love them!

The rise of the floral crown has really taken off over the last year. They have obviously been around for a long, long time well before us wedding industry peeps decided that they were the next big thing. Young maidens of poorer families unable to afford the grand jewels of their wealthier counterparts, would dress their hair with a circlet of fresh flowers on their wedding day.

During the Art Nouveau period there was a movement to return back to nature in art, architecture, jewellery and fashion. Floral crowns featured regularly in the art of this time.

And here we are again. The current trend for floral crowns is just storming bridal fashion at the moment. Everywhere you look, there is a beautiful picture of a bride with a stunning tribute to Kew Gardens adorning her flowing locks.  Feast your eyes on these show – stopping examples.






Just beautiful!

The trend for sparkly, vintage hair adornments although still very popular is on the wain and a return to a more natural, pretty look is very much in the ascent. However, many brides are slightly wary of the crown. And that’s understandable – it can be a difficult look to pull off.

If you are feeling a tad hesitant about taking the plunge with a floral crown, here are some alternative ideas on how to go ahead and embrace the trend.

Less is More

Like Cinderella “could go to the ball”, “you can wear a floral crown”. But if a full on wreath is not for you perhaps go for something a little more low key and rustic such as this beautiful dried flower wreath from Whichgoose.


whichgoose.blogspot.co.uk – Photo by Yuna Leonard


Fake It

As much as I love the natural beauty and romance of real flowers, the one downside is that they will wilt and die and you will only be left with the memory and some hopefully drop dead gorgeous photos.

However, if you want to have a keepsake to cherish then you couldn’t do better than the absolutely stunning creations in clay from Lila Wedding Accessories. http://www.lila-lila.com These headdresses are expertly crafted from a light and flexible clay. Every individual flower and bud is hand shaped and blended, so a myriad of colours can be achieved. They are so beautiful they look almost like the real thing!








Also in the fake department are gorgeous crowns made from millinery flowers such as silk, organza and velvet. My Agnes Floral Crown uses hand beaded velvet and silk flowers to create a beautiful alternative to the real thing with a nod to vintage.

Mix It Up

You don’t have to slavishly follow the trend. Mix it up a little. Go for a headdress that has elements of the floral but with perhaps a different edge. I love this boho style headdress from Mignonne Handmade, which combines floral and chain details.



Half a Crown

Instead of wearing a full crown or circlet, there are many asymmetrical designs out there which feature decoration on just one or mostly one side of the head. This beautifully natural halo again from Whichgoose gives you a paired down essence of the floral crown but still as beautiful.


whichgoose.blogspot.co.uk – Photography by Kristen Gardner

Pin It

Floral hair pins that can be dotted through the hair are hopelessly romantic and give a nod to the floral crown trend without swamping the bride with foliage! Try going for some pins in a striking, contrasting colour to your hair colour for maximum effect. These Night Whisp pins from Gardens of Whimsy on Etsy are so simple but the colour contrast with the model’s hair makes for a stunning statement.



However you wear the floral crown trend, I’m sure in another thirty years time, you will be looking back at your wedding photos with delight and fondness. Pairing your crown with one of today’s gorgeous wedding gowns means there will not be an 80’s ruffle nightmare in sight!

Author: Gail, Glass Oyster