The Wedding Dress That Breaks Tradition

Check out the dress that has Brides excited. Since blogging about this dress, the dress of my dreams, the dress I had made two years ago, it has since been worn by more than 12 beautiful Brides. You gotta heart that!

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Trash Your Dress

Trash it, paint it, do an Angelina Jolie and have your kids artwork on it. Just don’t leave it in the loft!

Go on! I know you want to.
How to be the Best Groom EVER!

How to be the Best Groom EVER!

I’m kinda backward on this infographic thing. While I liked them when they first came out, I think there was suddenly such an overflow of them that I got fed up. Oh how times change – now I really kinda like them. Seriously though, what’s not to like... read more
Wedding ties: what to wear when tying the knot

Wedding ties: what to wear when tying the knot

Weddings – they’re all about the bride aren’t they? As a future groom, you probably already know that the bride will take centre stage at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to dress to impress. If you want to look sharp in your wedding photos,... read more
Extravagant and theatrical weddings are in!

Extravagant and theatrical weddings are in!

Do you remember that Steampunk wedding that featured in the original Alice Mag, the aptly named Worlds Best Steampunk Wedding? Well, I had some news recently that got me incredibly excited and so wonderfully, giggly kind-a happy. Faith and Michael, the Steampunk... read more
Serendipity Wedding Design

Serendipity Wedding Design

Beautiful handmade wedding stationery to match your style. From Country to Chic, Serendipity Wedding Design cater for the discerning Bride and Groom looking for wedding stationery that is timeless. Serendipity Wedding Design creates beautiful handmade wedding... read more
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Your Expert Guide To Bridal Party Photos

Get expert hot tips on how you can easily get spectacular bridal party photos. With a little forward planning and creative thinking you could have incredible photos that ooze fun and create a spectacular memory on your wall.  Don’t let the wedding photography be boring, get a grip on what you love and create some visually stunning memories with your besties.

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Real world inspiration

The Worlds Best Steampunk Wedding EVER

I’m serious! And remember, you saw it here first! This is simply the most spectacular Steampunk wedding ever! A mammoth of creativity and Steampunk splendour, Faith and Michael’s Aussie Steampunk affair is one I will not forget. This is a dream come true for me too as... read more

Steampunk Wedding Shoot

A Steampunk wedding: defined by the rustic colours of old machinery together with Victorian fashion infused with the vibrancy of modern textures and corsetry. There’s nothing not to love about Steampunk. Brides, hang on to your corsets! With it’s eclectic mix of... read more

Real wedding: An Australian Gothic Wedding

Today’s beautiful steampunk wedding is loaded with stunning details and is enriched with colour, vibrancy and all things Gothic including the most delicious corset. I really like this wedding! Shot by the brilliant Aussie photographer Angelica Peady who, if you... read more

Real Wedding: Romance in the Moroccan Sands

Think Lawrence of Arabia meets an Officer And A Gentleman.  That’s the impact this wedding had on me and by the end of their cinematic wedding trailer (below) my eyes were filled with tears.  This unique wedding is packed full of alternative, non-traditional... read more

Down The Lens: Showcasing Photographer Olivia Shaw

What is most important to you about your wedding photographer?  Is it the style, i.e. documentary or traditional or maybe unique, or is it whether or not you get on with them as a person?  Maybe its location or price?  In actual fact it really needs to be all of those... read more

Get inspired by some of the worlds most spectacular wedding photographs

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Showcasing some of the worlds top photographers from Australia, America, Honk Kong and the UK.

Get inspiration on anything from photography to wedding themes to wedding style and all the details that make your wedding personal and spectacular.

It’s all here, captured by the experts.

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Innovative wedding themes created with personality

Forget all the rumours that theming your wedding means Disneyfying your wedding. By choosing a wedding theme like Steampunk or Vintage or blue and white {your choice is endless} you create personality – yours! If you haven’t thought about a theme, let the Alice Cocktail help you come up with one. And one of the world’s most popular themes? Steampunk.

How to create a Steampunk Wedding

Introducing Steampunk weddings: spectacular details, luxurious corsetry and imaginative details create this increasingly popular wedding theme.

Steampunk weding
Steampunk wedding by B Captured