The Wedding Dress That Breaks Tradition

Check out the dress that has Brides excited. Since blogging about this dress, the dress of my dreams, the dress I had made two years ago, it has since been worn by more than 12 beautiful Brides. You gotta heart that!

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Trash Your Dress

Trash it, paint it, do an Angelina Jolie and have your kids artwork on it. Just don’t leave it in the loft!

Go on! I know you want to.
Corsets that blow your mind, not your budget!

Corsets that blow your mind, not your budget!

As many of you know I have a ‘thing’, a dream if you will to own as many corsets as I can – so far, I have two. I know, miserable right? Not a great start really but in my world, that of school runs, dirty clothes and sweating over my Mac, they’re not really appropriate. Insert dream of a different, elaborate lifestyle where corsets are a must!! – And to be honest, there aren’t a lot of designers out there that I’ve found that I absolutely love when it comes to corsetry work. But guess what?! Today, I’ve got a new one to show you. I’m totally smitten with her work and her corsets and wedding dresses are just ‘blow your mind feminine’. They ooze sensuality, sexuality and if Anne Summers were to design like this we’d be at the store every pay day and Hubby-to-be would be in his ultimate dreamland! I would throw one of these on with a pair of jeans and a blazer if I were brave enough.  And that’s the ultimate beauty that I love about a corset, no matter what size or shape you are, you look sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and feel all of the above. Todays designer is the fabulous Juliana from Moscow – check out her site at for more of her stunning designs.... read more
10 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding

10 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Planning a Green Wedding

Guest Post by Sara Gomez Your wedding is one of the most special, unforgettable days of your life. For a lot of brides, that means spending an extravagant amount of money on a huge reception—and a lot of waste to go with it. But these days, a lot of brides are shunning convention and tradition, and turning to eco-friendly alternatives. Here are 10 ideas for planning your wedding which will keep it both budget-friendly and environmentally friendly. Invitations Image Credit: There was a time when invitations were written on handcrafted paper. These days, they are generally mass-produced. But do you even need paper invites? These days you can save money and trees by going paperless and inviting your guests through email. That doesn’t stop you from choosing fun custom designs or sending special personalized messages—in fact it makes it easier. Plus, it’s fast and convenient for your guests, who can RSVP instantly with the click of a mouse. Along with your invite, you can send a map to your ceremony, a link to your gift registry, and more. If you want to stick with paper invites, use recycled materials. Nowadays you can get recycled paper in any color, size, or texture you choose. Seeded paper is very popular for invitations. Flowers Image Credit: Flowers only last for a few days and then they wilt and die. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on flowers which aren’t ecologically harvested is a waste both to your wallet and the planet. Still, they are undeniably beautiful and help to create a festive atmosphere. Here are a few options which can... read more
A vintage wedding shoot

A vintage wedding shoot

Beautifully styled and romantically shot, this vintage wedding shoot shot by Julia Mills captures the essence of the old with the beauty of the new. Stunning dresses, exquisite accessories – what is not to love with this gorgeous wedding shoot. Julia also plays with some really interesting photographic techniques to enhance the vintage feel. Gorgeous!! Vintage Wedding Shoot The initial inspiration for our vintage bridal themed shoot came from one of the make up artists, Julie West.  Her vision was to create a bridal look that, as with all her bridal looks she creates, would be romantic and beautiful, but on this occasion had a vintage twist.  As the photographer on the shoot I chose to incorporate a photographic technique known as light painting as well as traditional studio flash to create lighting that would enhance the vintage feel. The clothing and accessories were loaned to us by a retired wedding boutique owner and although not perhaps stereotypically fashionable for contemporary brides, harked back to an era of romantic beauty and lent themselves well to our vintage theme. During the search for a location Julie mentioned that she’s been really inspired by a restaurant/pub that she’d found in Winchester called The Green Man.  Its seductively beautiful interior and classic surroundings gave us the perfect backdrop for our shoot and worked really well with our photographic light painting technique too.              Photographer: Julia Mills... read more
Your wedding table: How to pick your table names

Your wedding table: How to pick your table names

Goodbye boring old numbers, hello exotic memories and favourite things! Table names, it’s more than a number these days so what do you call them? Do you give them a name or number at all? Traditionally tables were identified by numbers but theses days it’s all about pizazz and personality and adding that personal touch by giving your guests a glimpse into your world.  So you’ve got your guest list, you know how many tables your going to have and now you want some inspiration… today I’m here for you babes so grab yourself a cuppa and sit back and browse through some of these ideas. Firstly think about the things that reflect who you are as a couple; where have you been, what holidays did you both absolutely love, where did you meet, do you both share any interests? Maybe it’s your personalities that can best tell your story; have you both got an awesome sense of humour? For me it would have to be on titles. Music is my lifeline and both me and hubby adore it (I dabble at singing (and bravely do it outside the shower on rare occasions) and he is my dream Lead Guitarist) so our table names would have to be something that resonated with this. Another very slushy example, my amazing bestie named her tables after sweets when she married her gorgeous man in 2006.  Names like ‘Shrimps’, ‘Flumps’, ‘Flying Saucer’ and ‘Fruit Salad’.  Why? Grab your tissues girls.., because her and her man are childhood sweethearts…oh so romantic!  That so appeals to my squidgy side. Wedding table name ideas: My top favourite... read more
How to be the Best Groom EVER!

How to be the Best Groom EVER!

I’m kinda backward on this infographic thing. While I liked them when they first came out, I think there was suddenly such an overflow of them that I got fed up. Oh how times change – now I really kinda like them. Seriously though, what’s not to like – they’re like posh bullet points right?! All the information without having to trawl through garble and it all looks so pretty. And this one is really super for all you Grooms out there. Want to be the best Groom ever?! Well, its super easy. Here’s how…! Thanks to Melissa Rae photography for this one!   Now boys, it’s time to write the most important part of your day. The Best mans speech and we’re here to help you. Check out this post for hot tips on writing it the easy-peasy... read more
Fairy tales made in the UK: An enchanting venue in Dartmoor

Fairy tales made in the UK: An enchanting venue in Dartmoor

Are you looking for an exquisite, romantic wedding venue that is infused with fairy tale details and set within an extraordinarily beautiful setting? Then I’ve found your Ever After. Set amongst the lush Dartmoor backdrop Ever After wedding venue is spectacularly beautiful and it’s one I wish I’d found years ago. With its contemporary barn style structures sitting either side of the beautiful tented roof lit up with elegant chandeliers this venue can be decorated to your own unique style; from rustic, to fairy tale. I adore the quality of this venue, everything is in the detail and the more you look, the more beautiful it is. I’d like to get lost here, with a bottle of wine and and a really good book!     To find out more visit the Ever After website and check out the video on their home page. If you’re looking for a spectacular venue – this is... read more
Unique Wedding Cake: Victorian inspiration

Unique Wedding Cake: Victorian inspiration

There’s wedding cakes, then there’s WEDDING cakes. And I love the latter. You know the ones, unique, off the cuff, superbly creative and designed to surprise whether it be unconventional colour palettes or utilising theme in an ingenious way. And this, which I happen to stumble upon, is simply, fantastically, frabjous from its tip to its toes! Created by a New York talent Erica O’Brien.  ... read more
5 Sci-Fi Wedding Cakes Which Are Surprisingly Sweet (in More Ways Than One)

5 Sci-Fi Wedding Cakes Which Are Surprisingly Sweet (in More Ways Than One)

While a lot of people might not know their Star Wars from their Star Treks, other people are almost as passionate about these things as they are about their other half. Some are such die-hard fans that they opt for sci-fi themed wedding cakes…and some are surprisingly sweet (and we’re not just talking about the taste). My company provides catering equipment and furniture hire for weddings all over the UK, so we see a lot of weddings. In the past few years, we’ve noticed a growing trend for brilliantly unique wedding cake designs. Other outlandish designs can be found online from companies such as India Cakes. More and more couples are saying no to tiers of white, and yes to sugary recreations of their favourite movie scenes and characters; and lots of them get their kicks from the world of science fiction. Of course, while some are so committed to their fiction of choice that their cake winds up looking creepy (and not-too-appealing), others take a cue from their sci-fi inspirations but still manage to come up with something romantic or cute. Here are five our favourites we found online at Allens Hire HQ: 1.  Doctor Who This sci-fi inspired wedding cake, by The Butter End Cakery, could almost be a regular floral, white cake; apart from the fact that the TARDIS has landed square on the top and discovered a pair of rampant dinosaurs at the bottom. Instead of traditional cake toppers here, we get a pair of plucky explorers, popping their heads out of the telephone box, about to begin an adventure…just like the happy couple. Cute.... read more
Groom’s Grooming Guide {One for the boys}

Groom’s Grooming Guide {One for the boys}

Wedding planning is a long and sometimes gruelling process, especially without a wedding planner. When the day comes to celebrate the union of you and your loved one, with the sheer level of planning involved it’ll hardly be surprising if you forget something. Unless you’ve opted for full hair and makeup, it’s all too easy to overlook the importance of grooming… but what exactly does this entail? Male grooming is a somewhat ambiguous term that essentially means, “The minimalistic approach to hair a makeup”. Generally speaking, cosmetics may be used, but they’re by no means a necessity. Emphasis usually revolves around leveling out skin tones or using bronzer to define certain features of the face. As for the hair, shine sprays and mousse may be applied to give it a more healthy appearance. Fundamentally, the process of male grooming isn’t to “change” your appearance, but to enhance your best features. Will Grooming Make a Difference? Of course it will! People may not notice a huge difference upon a glance, but you’ll certainly have a more polished and tidier look upon inspection. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Have you ever wondered why actors always seem to look great on camera? Believe it or not they’re not all naturally tanned, with perfect skin and chiseled jawlines; behind the scenes you can be damn sure that they’ll have a team of hair and makeup artist’s at the helm. When you’re standing in front of the camera after tying the knot you’ll want to be looking your very best. Not like a caricature of yourself, but a smart... read more
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Your Expert Guide To Bridal Party Photos

Get expert hot tips on how you can easily get spectacular bridal party photos. With a little forward planning and creative thinking you could have incredible photos that ooze fun and create a spectacular memory on your wall.  Don’t let the wedding photography be boring, get a grip on what you love and create some visually stunning memories with your besties.

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Real world inspiration

The Worlds Best Steampunk Wedding EVER

I’m serious! And remember, you saw it here first! This is simply the most spectacular Steampunk wedding ever! A mammoth of creativity and Steampunk splendour, Faith and Michael’s Aussie Steampunk affair is one I will not forget. This is a dream come true for me too as Faith relied on Alice In Weddingland the whole way through for her wedding planning and ideas – I so excited. This is the first wedding I’ve featured whereby the Bride is a big AIW fan! Thanks Faith! This is the kind of wedding that produces orgasmic type excitement with “oh my god!!!” and “oooooh” as you swagger through the stunning legacy that is their wedding photos. Captured by the impeccable talent that is Ky from B.Captured who has transformed Faith and Michaels Steampunk wedding photos into art that will adorn their walls. His style is impressive, unique and gob-smackingly captivating, artistic and unbelievably beautiful! The Bride, Faith, is a woman after my own heart, she walked down the aisle to one of the most influential and scary pieces of music ever, from one of the most iconic movies ever, the Jaws movie theme. Saturating herself in this immense project with choosing every little detail to tell their story; from sumptuous fabrics to the Steampunk mace – every bit of this wedding is delicately put together and articulated with such precision that it is a story. Be warned – you are not about to peruse ‘real wedding’ photos – you are about to be transported to a place where imagination meets reality. This really is the world’s best Steampunk wedding including the world’s... read more

Steampunk Wedding Shoot

A Steampunk wedding: defined by the rustic colours of old machinery together with Victorian fashion infused with the vibrancy of modern textures and corsetry. There’s nothing not to love about Steampunk. Brides, hang on to your corsets! With it’s eclectic mix of top hats, whimsical accessories and a fancy tea party, this wedding theme jumps off the pages of a Jules Verne novel. Steampunk is the fusion of Victorian art and fashion with science fiction.  Taken from the time when steam-powered machines were in use, it combines airships and steam engines with laser guns and cowboys.  Think Victorian styled corsetry, lace and leather, think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells and of course think Alice In Wonderland!!!  All these images represent a sub-genre that has merged into the fantastical styling that create a Steampunk Wedding and todays shoot is spectacularly filled with all things Steampunk. Created by Photographer Nicki Komorowski this shoot started out as a very simple idea between friends over lunch just under a year ago; their previous collaboration had been a ‘Biker Alice’ Rock the Frock shoot and before she knew it, it had turned into an amazing collaboration between a group of fabulous wedding creatives and suppliers who were strangers up until a month or so ago. This is how shoots should be. If you love any of the details in this shoot from the dress to the cake and the photographs, get in touch with the fabulous creatives below!     Check out this awesome Steampunk Wedding here Frabjous Creatives: Couple’s names: Alexandra and Deon Davis Bridal Party: Louise Day, Katie Ward, Tamsin Fox-Davies, Mark Jenkins, Arnaud Gois, Killian Gois and Tony Knight from Great... read more

Real wedding: An Australian Gothic Wedding

Today’s beautiful steampunk wedding is loaded with stunning details and is enriched with colour, vibrancy and all things Gothic including the most delicious corset. I really like this wedding! Shot by the brilliant Aussie photographer Angelica Peady who, if you remember, did the famous Steampunk photo shoot that featured on the wedding blog over a year ago, this Gothic wedding is another example of how to take a wedding theme and create it with style! And…. and *take a breath* it has a corset wedding dress!! A beautiful corset wedding dress!!! It’s no secret that I can not get enough of corsetry and it was Angies Steampunk photo shoot that introduced me to my most favourite people in the world; Gallery Serpentine in Sydney Australia. These guys do the most stunning, unbelievably stylish and beautifully made corsets and today’s bride is wearing one in full bloom as you can see on this Alice in Weddingland Wedding Blog Gothic wedding    From Angie: Gemma and Zac exchanged their beautiful vows with the sandstone cliffs as the background, it was both dramatic and exhilarating. The one thing I can say definitively is that nothing could however outshine the bride’s wide smile. Gemma is possibly the most radiant bride we have ever shot and I do believe that her joy and excitement can actually be ‘felt’ in every single image! There’s nothing more contagious than a happy bride so it was a true pleasure to spend the day with Gemma (and Zac!) and witness her delight throughout the day. Gemma wore a striking, non traditional gown with Victorian influences by our favourite... read more

Real Wedding: Romance in the Moroccan Sands

Think Lawrence of Arabia meets an Officer And A Gentleman.  That’s the impact this wedding had on me and by the end of their cinematic wedding trailer (below) my eyes were filled with tears.  This unique wedding is packed full of alternative, non-traditional details from the sunset vows in the sands of the desert to the beautiful dress Sacha wore.  This is a stunning example of just how to make your wedding, your story! “I had always had a little bit of an obsession with travel and new places, My mind filled with romantic notions of Morocco.  So when it came to deciding where to get married, the UK didn’t even enter our minds, we were always going to get married abroad.   Being wedding photographers ourselves, we knew what we wanted from our own wedding and one of the most important things was the setting. I found La Pause through Marrakesh Weddings, the company that put me in contact with all things Moroccan.  As soon as I saw their website, I knew it had to be there, completely outdoors, in the Agafay Desert during a sunset ceremony, that we said our vows. Jmayel and I went out to visit and arrange the finer details such as entertainment and food 6 months before the wedding.  Our 31 guests all had a weekend in Morocco for the wedding.  We had belly dancers, fire eaters and us and all our guests released sky lanterns into the star filled sky.  We danced in the desert until almost dawn.  It was one of the most amazing times of our lives and people are... read more

Down The Lens: Derby wedding photographer Chris Seddon

I haven’t’ done this in a little while and so I’m a little excited as this is one of my favourite things to do; my Down The Lens Features showcasing ah-mazing wedding photographers whose photos make me scream ‘damn they’re good’. As most of you know, I am happily known as a photography-snob {one who is fussy and particular with what they like} and I enjoy being so, after all, I have to be a snob in my job to ensure the blog remains image-tastic and delivers stunning results right! So what is it that I look for in photographers? And what images get my thumbs up… That’s a question I shy away from every time it’s asked because I can only describe a few things that I know I love about photography: like B&W, documentary, portraits, boudoir – the rest is innate! It’s an un-concious thing. I just know what I love when I see it – some boxes somewhere get ticked and I get excited I love photographers that inspire, excite and create stories by letting you see someone else’s world through their eyes and Derby wedding photographer, Chris Seddon, does just that. And he’s offering 3 incredibly lucky Alice In Weddingland 2013 Brides-To-Be the chance to win his top, all bells and whistle, ‘Parent Package’ for the price of his standard album package. That’s a fantastic prize value of £400. Go girls! Get emailing (see below). Down The Lens: your definitive guide to spectacular wedding photography Starting with my absolute favourite photo of his… Evocative, emotional: it’s a moment so beautiful, captured so beautifully! What gets me excited about... read more

Down The Lens: Showcasing Photographer Olivia Shaw

What is most important to you about your wedding photographer?  Is it the style, i.e. documentary or traditional or maybe unique, or is it whether or not you get on with them as a person?  Maybe its location or price?  In actual fact it really needs to be all of those things! However, there is a part of wedding photography that a lot of people may not have thought about and it’s really, really important when you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your bid day. Down The Lens: your definitive guide to spectacular wedding photography It is: Does the photographer capture the true moment that is the emotion of those in the photograph or is it just a snapshot of a moment in time? Now this might sound like a silly or even strange thing to say but lets be honest, anyone can pick up a camera and click, in fact anyone can pick up a camera, read a lot of books and then say they’re a photographer but they’re missing the most important element of photography, that intangible element that makes great photography that you just can not teach in books. The intangible element of photography This element when missing makes the difference between photos that sink or swim and when we talk about wedding photography in particular, this element is the crucial part of your legacy because without it, you have snap shots, a click in time. So what is this missing element?  It’s not about capturing a smile or ‘a look’, it’s way more than that!  It’s the the ability to capture emotion, sometimes hidden from... read more

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Innovative wedding themes created with personality

Forget all the rumours that theming your wedding means Disneyfying your wedding. By choosing a wedding theme like Steampunk or Vintage or blue and white {your choice is endless} you create personality – yours! If you haven’t thought about a theme, let the Alice Cocktail help you come up with one. And one of the world’s most popular themes? Steampunk.

How to create a Steampunk Wedding

Introducing Steampunk weddings: spectacular details, luxurious corsetry and imaginative details create this increasingly popular wedding theme.

Steampunk weding
Steampunk wedding by B Captured