Spring weddings are wonderful. Everything is in bloom and everyone is in good spirits because they know that long sunny days are just around the corner. But, they come with their challenges. Top of that list is the weather. It can be changeable to say the least. So, for the mother-of-the-bride choosing the right outfit can be tricky. With this in mind, I have put together a few tips to hopefully, make things easier for those mum’s whose daughters are marrying in the spring.

Where to shop for a mother of the bride outfit

In the past, buying a suitable outfit on the High Street for a spring wedding would have been difficult. Up until fairly recently only specialist retailers really stocked the right type of clothing. But, that has definitely changed.  Now you can just go here for a range of styles that will work well for most women.

Choose an outfit that has a jacket

Because you can never be sure what the weather is going to do, it is very important that the outfit includes a jacket of some sort. On a bright sunny day, a sleeveless dress can easily be worn on its own, with maybe a luxury wrap. But, if on the day of there is a brisk wind this would not be practical. For a day like that, the mother-of-the-bride needs to be able to don a jacket for extra warmth. This is the case even if the ceremony is being held in an indoor venue. The majority of places of worship are so big that they are almost impossible to heat properly. This is usually also true of many secular wedding ceremony venues, especially barns and double-height rooms in historic buildings.

Spring wedding hat considerations

Most mothers-of-the-bride like to wear a hat. This is understandable because doing so really does make the whole outfit look really special.

When buying a hat for a spring wedding there are a few extra things that you have to bear in mind. Firstly, you need to be able to keep it on. The chances of a gust of wind whisking it off your head are higher in the spring than in the summer. So, be sure to choose one that enables you to use a hat pin or secure the hat in some other way.

The hat also needs to be able to endure a spring shower without losing its shape. You also need to make sure that it is colourfast. Should any dye be washed out from the hat, there is a good chance that it will ruin anything it comes into contact with.

Be particularly careful when choosing footwear

You also need to bear the weather in mind when choosing footwear. It needs to be waterproof and to be able to withstand walking through a puddle or two. Potentially, you can still wear satin, but you will need to follow the advice that you can find here.

More mother-of-the-bride outfit tips

If you would like additional tips to help the mother of the bride to choose her wedding outfit, you can find some here. The article is all about dressing for an outdoor event, but the advice there should still prove useful for a late spring wedding.