Where Style & Creativity Collide

The Start

I knew I wanted to entangle my creativity and arty-fartyness with my love of fashion into a new project but what? I’ve never followed trends as I hated being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life was ready to transform into something but I still didn’t know what.


What I Love

In the words of Jessie J, I L-O-V-E tea!  In fact, I am a bit of a junkie.  I like my earls, my ladies, my whites, my greens and my blacks but most of all I love my chai and it’s my Aussie chai that keeps my fingers twinkling on the keyboard most days.


For You

I want to showcase the amazing, the spectacular, the stunning products and creative services available to you because when I got married, I never knew any of these existed. It’s all about you telling your story to break the traditions that for so long have dictated how a wedding should be and I love that.


My Passion, My Promise

One of my promises to you is that I will show you how to not make the same mistake I did and ensure you have many stunning wedding photos to look at before you choose your photographer for your wedding day.

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  • I am 5?3 and shrinking (you apparently do once you’re over 30)
  • I’ve seen Top Gun around 150 times (I was young at the time)
  • I love 20’s fashion and would love to do a 20’s wedding photo shoot
  • My fav. tea is Chai but you already knew that
  • I love anything that sparkles and wish I owned a jewellery wardrobe (not a jewellery box)
  • My favourite flower is a Frangipani because they remind me of home
  • I once owned a Volvo – and loved it!
  • I would love to meet Tim Walker and introduce him to Australian Chai tea (amongst other things)
  • I hate seafood, it makes me feel nauseous
  • I sing and want to record an album because it’s one thing my Mum never did but should have
  • I am a photography loon and am determined to do a course this year to help my technique
  • I used to be a tom-boy and hated it.  Now I embrace it along with my new found girlishness