Fitness; it’s becoming more and more popular amongst women of all ages; from your typical 9 – 5 office worker training during her lunch hour, to the retired women’s club meeting up for their daily swim, health and fitness is a trend that has merged its way in and out of society over the years, but never has it appealed to so many different kinds of women and it’s truly amazing!

Historically, 90% of the gym would be filled with men and the only exercise women would get is chasing after their children. But since we have seen a shift in society with women earning the same as men and being treated equally in the workplace, we have experienced a major gender turn in the fitness world as a result.

In recent years, with a wealth of information and resource readily available for women on how to exercise in the correct way, more ladies are beginning to steadily work their way up that fitness ladder – with many even becoming an inspiration for us all.

Do Something You Love

First thing’s first, it is important to choose a form of exercise that you are going to enjoy as there’s not much point taking up an activity that you are going to dread.

In the long run, doing something you don’t enjoy will only result in endless excuses and sessions being missed repeatedly until you drop off the wagon and end up feeling guiltier than you did to begin with! We all know getting in to shape requires dedication, determination, consistency and commitment, but to make the process a little less gruelling, it’s a good idea to pick something you look forward to – remember, motivation is key.

Don’t Feel Intimidated

Many women feel insecure about themselves in some way or another; it’s an emotion pretty much all of us have, but whilst you are criticising yourself, don’t forget, even that woman right at the front of Zumba class with her endless energy and abs of steel has insecurities too.

You have to start somewhere; no matter what sport you opt for; the experts, the athlete’s, the pro’s; they were all beginners once. They all started from the very bottom and will probably look at you with respect for starting your very own journey.

Manageable Milestones

Always ensure you begin with completely manageable goals, don’t promise yourself you are going to do an hour of exercise every single day if it is not something you can realistically commit to. Work out something you can fit into your life and stick to it – and if you just happen to do a little extra it’s a bonus – just ensure you set an achievable target.

If you have a short attention span then limit yourself to just 20-30 minutes of exercise per session; if you prefer endurance then you can give yourself a little longer – it’s all about what works best for you. You can be flexible with your regime; flexibility is key to sticking with something, so allow room for it.

Always Ask

If you are unsure about how to use something or where something goes, just ask! A lot of fitness and gym equipment can look confusing – even rigs like those from RB Fitness Equipment can look intimidating and you might end up getting put off before even knowing where to start! In reality, these kinds of rigs are good fun and you’d be surprised at the various types of exercise and moves you can do on them.

Many people in the fitness world will be more than happy to support you in any way they can; it’s often a great boost for them as they get to polish up on their own skills whilst helping you. You can also learn a lot from other people – for example, if you strike up a conversation on how to use the leg-press machine in the gym, throw in a question or two about what weight range would be the best for beginners and how quickly you could progress?

If you can apply some or all of the above tips, you could very well be on your way to a healthier, fitter you in no time. You will find that you will eventually get to a point where exercise is just a normal part of your daily regime and you’d feel completely lost without it!