I’m serious! And remember, you saw it here first!

This is simply the most spectacular Steampunk wedding ever! A mammoth of creativity and Steampunk splendour, Faith and Michael’s Aussie Steampunk affair is one I will not forget. This is a dream come true for me too as Faith relied on Alice In Weddingland the whole way through for her wedding planning and ideas – I so excited. This is the first wedding I’ve featured whereby the Bride is a big AIW fan! Thanks Faith!

This is the kind of wedding that produces orgasmic type excitement with “oh my god!!!” and “oooooh” as you swagger through the stunning legacy that is their wedding photos. Captured by the impeccable talent that is Ky from B.Captured who has transformed Faith and Michaels Steampunk wedding photos into art that will adorn their walls. His style is impressive, unique and gob-smackingly captivating, artistic and unbelievably beautiful!

The Bride, Faith, is a woman after my own heart, she walked down the aisle to one of the most influential and scary pieces of music ever, from one of the most iconic movies ever, the Jaws movie theme. Saturating herself in this immense project with choosing every little detail to tell their story; from sumptuous fabrics to the Steampunk mace – every bit of this wedding is delicately put together and articulated with such precision that it is a story.

Be warned – you are not about to peruse ‘real wedding’ photos – you are about to be transported to a place where imagination meets reality. This really is the world’s best Steampunk wedding including the world’s best Steampunk wedding cake!

Enjoy the journey!!

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