How will you remember your wedding? Being one of the most beautiful and creative memories in our lives: from the dress, to the invitations and choosing the rings, so much time and effort goes into creating our beautiful day. Afterwards though it’s the thoughts we have and the photos that adorn our walls that remind us of the love and fun we shared.

But what if I told you there is another, even more powerful way to remember your wedding?

Scenting your wedding

Imagine this – it’s two years after your wedding and you come home from work, promptly boil the kettle and then sit down with a cuppa tea and light your Bergamot and Patchouli candle. You’ve just pulled it out of the box and smile seeing it. Sitting it down you tender a match to it and almost instantly, after that first sniff, the scent sneaks into your nostrils and immediately you’re transformed back to your wedding day.

The speeches are going on and you’re looking around the room at all the happy faces celebrating your day. As the aroma gets stronger you’re now suddenly back on the dance floor and its your first dance as husband and wife. You can almost feel his hands on you.

Then after your third sip, you’re at the end of the evening sitting around a table with your mum sharing a moment as only mothers and daughters do on a wedding day. The candle flame flickers and dances sending the scent skywards – your mum hugs you goodnight and then you leave back to your room.

Scent is a powerful memory enhancer – our sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. One reason this could be has to do with the way your brain processes scent and memories. Smells get routed through the smell-analyzing region in your brain which is closely connected to your amygdala and hippocampus, regions of your brain that handle memory and emotion.

So, not only does scenting your wedding give you a wonderful way to evoke memories of that beautiful day that you can soak yourself in again and again every time you light your wedding scent, but it will also make it your wedding unique to you and your guests. Anyone can chose pink, purple or polka dots but choosing your own scent brings your wedding to life in a way that is personal and transformative to you and your guests only.

A single sniff will instantly transform you to some of the greatest memories of your life. And imagine the anniversary presents henceforth.

And now you can choose vegan soy wax candles that are sustainable and non-toxic to scent your wedding. Choose a Willow and Tea Luxury scented candle in scents like Coconut and Lime, Bergamot and Patchouli, Wood Sage and Sea Salt or for a Christmas wedding their Winter Cheer is beautifully Christmassy but not sickly and over done with cinnamon.

Scent your wedding knowing you’re choosing for you and the environment. Luxury scented candles add atmosphere, ambience and that special je n’ais se quoi that will be unique to you and remind you forever of your gorgeous wedding day.