I fell in love!  It was romantic, it was beautiful and I wanted it for my 10th wedding Anniversary, renewal of our vows ceremony in August!

I’m sure every Bride knows that feeling when they find the one! You have to have it. It has to be yours and you’ll do anything to get it right?! That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this shoot.  I could already feel it draping around my feet, the soft fabric subtly hugging my body as the ribbon tickled my back. My wedding dress dream had to come true.

So what does the dress look like and who is the designer?  Here it is, photographed by the immense energy that is Axioo Photography and wrapped up nice and pretty with some gorgeous little bunnies (one of them is even the same colour as the dress).

I have ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhhhhed’ for weeks now and still do every time I look at the photo.  I am on a mission to have that dress and I just hope I manage it.  Designed by by the irrepressible emerging talent that is Melta Yani I have all my fingers and toes crossed that somehow this dress will make its way from Indonesia to the UK.

What I love about this shoot is the simplicity of the photographs: the Bride and the dress! These photos become a stunning legacy, a showcase if you will of the dress that you invest so much time and enegery purchasing.  This is a stylish, elegant and beautiful Trash The Dress shoot really.  See, it’s not all about paint balling your dress or setting it alight 🙂

I never expected to fall in love with a wedding dress while planning the renewal of our vows for this August.  Ten years – whooompaa!  And to celebrate we’ll be writing our own vows to each other (I haven’t told Rob yet whoops). And he doesn’t’ know that I want to wear this dress to do it!

As beautiful as the photo shoot is, I am now on a mission to attempt to find the dress or maybe I could design a similar one and have it made – anything so I can renew my vows with in August in my dream dress.

UPDATE:  22 August 2013

I had the wedding dress of my dreams, I got it made! It was a beautiful peach/champagne flurry of layers. And it flew all the way from Indonesia to me and I wore it like the beautiful Bride I’d always wanted to be when we got married. I spent an entire day in this dress and I felt truly beautiful, trull amazing! Check out the photos from The Vow renewal ceremony to see it.