Question: What happens when you blend creative DJ technique with classy wedding style?

Answer: An effortlessly cool wedding party to climax a fantastic wedding day! Relegating the likes of ‘The Macarena’ and ‘The Hokey Cokey’, or indeed anything resembling Disco Dave back to the school discos they are better suited to. Throwing away the imagery of the throwback, and offering nu-skool creative DJs that mix stylish and tasteful party music from across the generations!


And if by mix you assume ‘pressing the play button so that the song starts’ you are quite mistaken.

‘Mixing’ is the art-form of beat-matching two or more songs together, and in an arrangement that simultaneously appeals to the various generations of family and friends. Here’s a demonstration courtesy of Supercool DJ Sunny P:

Bare in mind that in a real party scenario, the music won’t be mixed so quickly from one to the next (unless you want it to of course). Consider it a trailer for the movie that is your wedding reception party!!

Best suited for discerning brides and grooms to be, who know how to shake their stuff!!


The DJ’ and his skills on the decks have become a media and cultural phenomena. From annual music festivals and large arena-clubs, to clubbing holidays on the balearic islands. Even at your local city bar on a bustling Friday night, you can expect the DJ to mix the tunes so as to maintain and elevate the Friday night flare!

For weddings however, there does not seem to be a comparable sense of party-anticipation or DJ deliverance, which is somewhat ironic given that thousands of pounds is being spent on what is essentially a party. The party of a lifetime no less!

Yet so many bride & groom have very low expectations of their wedding reception party because they don’t know that there is anything stylish out there by way of the wedding DJ.

Supercool DJs give you the very essence of what has made “The DJ” cool.

Straight from the realms of stylish clubs and popular culture to your wedding party, be it a traditional evening reception, the whole day (by way of their all day DJ set up) or even the whole night (by way of their wedding after party)!


What you want to look for in a DJ is things such as mood up-lighting, quality sound systems, wireless microphones and pre event meetings. Do they have an online music search/request builder tool on their website.

This allows you to audition and add songs which you like. You can also give access to guests so that they can add to the list (the ones who’s musical taste you trust of course)!! The DJ then has all your much wanted tracks well in advance, which in turn gives the him an idea of the general stylistic vibe that your crowd will prefer.

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In this day and age, with the vast accessibility of online music and various programmable music devices, what is it you are really paying the DJ for? And what is the key difference between what Supercool DJs offer and your traditional dickie-bow wearing master of ceremony type wedding DJ?

If we are passionate about music and having a spectacular party where you and your guests dance the whole night to your collective musical tastes, as opposed to token wedding cheese, then we hire the DJ for their artistic initiative. The choice of songs between those that were requested is paramount for a consistently active dance-floor and that requires artistic know how!


Adding excitement by mixing all sorts of tunes of different genres is vey much needed to create that unique musical atmosphere that has compounded since the first dance. In other words, the makings of a fantastic event where you did it in style and the DJ rocked out the party! Its all about the surprise hands-in-the-air-moments! Viva la Supercool wedding party experience!



Author: Sunny, SuperCool DJ’s