Wedding themes can be simple, like colour-based themes right through to movie, TV or character themes. The boundaries are only limited to your ideas, imagination and personality. So why choose a theme for your wedding? Here’s my top 8 reasons why…!

Personally, I think most weddings are themed even when it’s not done on purpose – I’m sure you’ve seen a peach and grey wedding somewhere online? And what about a formal black tie wedding? Or maybe the Bride who added a few 1920’s touches throughout the reception? You don’t have to go all out to create a wedding theme and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to create an over the top candy buffet’d coloured affair either, unless of course that’s what you want.

Wedding themes give the entire affair a symmetry that balances the day and enhances your story and your guests experience of your wedding. And here’s why you should theme your wedding with your Wedding Theme Ideas…

The top 8 reasons why!

From a simple colour choice to design styles and more extravagant themes like Steampunk, my top 8 reasons for choosing a theme for your wedding are: (in no particular order)

  • It creates a central idea in which to go planning crazy
  • It gives you immediate direction so that you can research your wedding idea straight away
  • It gives you control over planning the details and stops the “oooh but I love that too” scenario (or is that just me)
  • It creates a story; the story of you two!
  • You get to show off your personal style
  • A wedding theme ties the elements of your wedding together
  • Acts as your perfect guide for searching out the details
  • It sets you apart and creates a unique experience

And here’s some awesome images from some of my favourites on the blog:

Beginning with (of course) one of my favourites:

Steampunk wedding theme


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Alice In Wonderland wedding theme


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Flowers wedding theme


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Colour wedding theme

wedding-blog-AIW-documentarywedding-Christy-Whitehead-0011 wedding-blog-AIW-documentarywedding-Christy-Whitehead-0022

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Create Your Own Wedding Theme

So go for it! Plan to your hearts content and choose a theme, it will make life so much easier and a lot of fun!

And to design your wedding theme in 3 easy steps check out my Alice Cocktail – you’ll be on your way in minutes!

Have fuuuuunnnnn!!