The title kind’a grabs ya doesn’t it; Camelback Mountain! Already I’m imagining sexy Cowboy hats, beautiful Ranches and stunning, jaw dropping scenery. What a place to get married! I still dream of the road trip we want to do right across the USA, driving with the roof down in our very own, American convertible. Todays wedding has just that!

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we visited Canada years ago we got a glimpse of what it would be like living in the quiet mountains when we stayed at Morraine Lake, now our favourite place on the planet! It’s the kind of lifestyle that I’ve dreamt about for years… I’d wake up in the morning, pull back the curtains to a spectacular mountain scene and sit with my Earl contemplating, well, nothing or everything. Staring out at such an intensely ¬†beautiful, serene peace to clear my head before retreating some time later to continue writing my book… Oh, sorry, did I just digress again, someone wake me up!!! What a thought!!! It’s the thought of Bears though that keeps me very securely tied to city life ūüôā

Anyway, back to today’s gorgeous wedding, photographed by Session Nine Photography. Zach and Jenna were married¬†at the Montelucia Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, right underneath Camelback Mountain. It was the same location where they met for the very first time {loving the romantic tie}. This is a really stylish, detail packed wedding. From color choices, individual table decor, the flowers, the food, and Jenna’s outift (stunning) everything is packed with scrumptious, unique, brightly coloured details. I love the attention to detail in Zach and Jenna’s wedding, it’s made it so personal. And the photography is beautiful. Everything together has created a visual impact and this, after all the effort you go to to plan your wedding, is what you want at the end of it.


Frabjous creatives:

Photographer: Session Nine Photographers
Flowers:  Butterfly Petals
Invitations:  Momental Designs
Cinema and Video:  Serendipity Cinema

I’m off back to my dream life in the Mountains of Canada (minus grizzly bears). It’s funny isn’t it, I’m sure we’ve all got that dream location, that dream environment that where we’d love to be. In fact recently my life back home in Australia keeps calling me, and this time of year when the weather gets cold, wet and refuses to lighten up, my grass gets oh so greener back home in Australia. But here I am and here I love. Time to put the kettle on.

Where’s your dream life? Is it right where you are now or do you like me, have an inner calling to some other wilder place? Happy dreaming!