There’s been a flurry of Alice In Wonderland weddings around the world in the last couple of years and I’ve seen some beautiful ones, but this one is by far one of my favourites – stylishly creative, beautiful captured and exquisitely designed details put this in my top ten!

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completely, ridiculously (like a groupie) love Sabrina and Hubert’s wedding! The details, like the invitations are just beautiful. These guys have created a truly beautiful fairytale wedding and it just scream ‘them’; loaded with personality! This wedding is just so beautiful unique – I love the horses and cart. I love the cake, actually I think it’s the most beautifully elegant Alice In Wonderland wedding cake I’ve ever seen – ooh, I just LOVE this wedding.

Enjoy! That’s all there is to say…!

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Frabjous creatives:

Wedding Planning and Concept: Doreen Winking Weddings

Hair & Make-up: Amory Uhlmann

Flowers: Hörl Floral Kreativ – Julia Hörl

Stationary: Die Exklusiven Einaldungskarten – Sonja Bührke

Wedding Cake: Alma Pasteles

DJ: Roberto Sotgia

Horse and Carriage: Reitstall Henntalhof – Franz Gasteiger

Location: Schloss Münichau

Dress: Victorian Gothic

Beautifully captured by Carmen and Ingo Photography (my new crush)!!! It was extraordinarily hard to choose just these 40 or so images and to not drown you in this awesome wedding!! 🙂

Just wait until tomorrow when I publish their ‘Day after shots’ – this is a wedding I’d want for myself, complete with fluffy bunny, snow and paintball.

Congratulations on a stunning wedding and beautiful wedding photos Sabrina and Hubert – stylishly unique and beautifully creative!

Isn’t it just stunning?!