Real Life Vintage Wedding

Vintage has never been more popular & chic but what era is ‘vintage’? A good question & the answer is a bit of a moving feast as whilst it is generally accepted that clothing from the 1920?s to the 1960?s is considered vintage nowadays, as each decades passes a new vintage wedding era is created so, whilst not quite as popular as others, the 1970?s are now becoming a fashionable theme for the modern bride.

If you are wanting the genuine article then invest time in trawling round good Second Hand & Charity Shops or visit vintage themed markets or Boot Sales where you can often pick up some great jewellery & accessory bargains, sometimes even dresses.

For those of you looking for a more modern take on the 1960’s vintage wedding style then spend some time searching the Internet there are some fabulous bridal companies who specialise in accessories for vintage themed weddings.  Checkout some of the Wedding Forums as these are often a great source of information from Brides who are in a similar position to you or who have been there, done it & got the T shirt.

One final thought …..if you are looking for something a little more quirky why not mix two vintage eras together – there is no rule that says you can’t so give it a try!

The golden rule of vintage weddings

Just remember the golden rule – ‘there are no rules’ be true to who you are & of course have FUN!

So to help those of you who are planning a 1960’s inspired wedding day then we thought you might like to take some tips from our real life bride. Doreen & Geoff were married on the 11th June 1960 at St Thomas Church Billericay in Essex.

Think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe …. Words such as Hollywood glamour, sophistication, elegance & beauty all spring to mind. These style icons certainly set the fashion pace in the late 1950’s & into the early 1960’s & their influence can been seen in our real life brides wedding accessories.

This years vintage bride

Our brides dress is made from delicate Nottingham Lace & the good news is that lace & tulle are still the fabric of choice for this years ‘vintage’ bride. Our Bride spent approximately £35 on her stunning dress which at today’s prices would equate to around £550. Red roses were the flowers of choice & she was accompanied by her 3 young Bridesmaids all of whom wore floral hair & jewellery accessories which complimented those of the bride. Doreen elected to wear her hair down & accessorised the style with a lovely floral vintage wedding tiara. & veil.

If you are looking for 1960’s vintage inspired hair accessories you have a choice from some wonderful opulent tiaras to the more gentile vintage wedding comb or simple but elegant hairpins.  If you are planning a summer wedding a stunning vintage inspired flower comb is a great simple but elegant idea.For a modern take on our real life brides look how about these lovely designs:

 A girl loves pearls

All girls love pearls & to compliment your 1960’s theme why not stick with tradition & choose a beautiful handmade pearl necklace with earrings & bracelet to match. Buying handmade jewellery need not break the Bank & these gorgeous designs are a real bargain totalling just under £75 all in.

And, to finish the 1960’s look we have thrown in a fabulous handmade bridal handbag with a Victorian lace umbrella to match too! Both of these are perfect for the bride but also make great accessories for your bridesmaids or Mother / Mother –in- Law of the Bride &/or Groom.

A must have for a vintage bride

Lucky Wedding Horseshoes & Lace Wedding Garters are growing in popularity & are a must for the vintage bride. Traditionally, the “old” from the ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ would have been the garter of a happily married woman, with the thought being that her good fortune would be passed down along with it. And, according to tradition horse shoes represent good luck, this is believed to stem from Medieval times when blacksmiths were considered to have magical powers {alchemy}.  Good enough for our 1960’s Bride these modern day designs are both handmade in the UK & are perfect for your vintage wedding theme.

All of the above accessories have been inspired by 1960’s fashion icons & an era which encapsulated the air of sophisticated beauty perfectly mixed with a healthy dash of subtle sexiness.  The 1960’s were truly revolutionary & inspiring we hope you will agree.

Author: Joan, Ayedo