As in all things, creativity has levels, boundaries and exceptions and in the wedding industry, the most exciting thing is that boundaries are expected to be broken. It’s the one industry that is heavily influenced by fashion and directed by what you, the Bride wants. Trends focus on what is popular and what Brides are asking for and now that Brides are uniquely telling their story through their personality.

I LOVE it! It’s incredibly captivating to see the new trends, the unique ideas and the unusual takes on old traditions emerge. None more so than in wedding photography and thanks to exceptional talented wedding photographers like Ky from B Captured wedding photography, the boundaries of wedding photography are not just being broken, they’re being smashed.

It’s no longer a point and shoot game but rather a collective example of fine art expression through capturing moments in time – those moments – your wedding. I for one adore the new styles and am excited about wedding photographers like Ky! No more boring line ups of smiles staring down a lens. It’s about expression; the photographers expression of your moments, working together with your photographer to saturate your personality over your wedding photos. Thank goodness the sergence of vintage filters that have dominated the market for the last two years is on it’s way out because you girls are wanting something more.

Ky has an incredible talent for capturing his couples like fine art prints like Chris and Vy’s real wedding in Adelaide, Australia.

Chris and Vy’s Adelaide wedding

A stunning couple! A beautiful wedding! Immaculate photos!












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Photography: B. Captured

Venue: St Laurences Catholic Church, Adelaide