Let me tell you about the best wedding gig this August… Brides, grab your handbags, flats and iPads because the Wedding Academy’s coming to town and you and I get to have a private one-to-one tea party so I can help you style, design, choose, chit chat or generally natter about all things beautiful, stylish, creative, unique and of course – wedding!!!

Created by the Ultimate Wedding magazine, editor Tina shares with Alice magazine more about the exciting and brilliant Wedding Academy:

When we were recently at the UK Wedding Show at Excel, we met lots of lovely brides and it was great fun talking to them all about their special day and the run up to it. It is so nice to listen to couples talking excitedly about what they want to make their day unique to them, and all the personal touches they had carefully planned. But with sadness I have to admit, I did meet a few couples who were finding the whole day just too much. They were struggling with their budget, overwhelmed with suppliers all telling them how good they were and were essential to the success of the day, and also the mandatory family and friend ‘helpfulness’.

Now, we all know that I am NOT a wedding planner, I have not trained for years to gain their accreditation or experience, but I am old enough and have been in this industry long enough, to know when common sense steps in, and to see so many tears over what should be a happy occasion is simply not good enough. I have a simple 3 steps to planning a wedding, it is no-brainer stuff, if you want to know just contact me and I will gladly impart. What I did come away from Excel thinking is that there has to be a way to help, a way to take the stress away, bring back the fun. The best part of what I do is seeing happiness, seeing love, real genuine love. The commitment that two people make, a lifetime of highs and lows, but a lifetime together. Something needed to be done, these brides need help!

I mulled it over for a few days, then it hit me, light bulb moment. What if we could bring a team of experts to the brides where they could learn new skills? Have some informal relaxed sessions where they could talk to industry professionals, without feeling intimidated, without being sold to! Somewhere to meet other brides, share planning stories, discuss ideas, and quite possibly help them to save those essential wedding pennies too. So The Wedding Academy was born!

UltimateWeddingMagazineI1Hosting 3 academy’s over the course of 2013 Ultimate Wedding Magazine is giving you the chance to learn some incredibly valuable tips about wedding planning that could completely transform your planning experience from stressful and total hair-pulling to enjoyable and stress free. With a team of speakers letting you soak up their years of experience the sessions, covering everything from hair and make-up, posing for your photos, essential planning secrets, how to choose the perfect dress for your shape, cupcake masterclass and Bridal hair styles, will put you back in complete control of planning your wedding.

And it just so happens that a wedding blogger you may well know *grinning* will be there available all day so that you can pop out at any time and sit over cupcakes and tea and natter about anything you need to help you with your wedding planning. I’ve trampled the minefield and hopefully can give you some great tips and point you in directions you may not know to help you produce your stunning, dream wedding.

The Wedding Academy is held at Pinewood Hotel, Buckinghamshire this April, July and September, and space is selling fast. The Academy begins at 9.30 and finishes at 1, during which time you have 3 speakers, plus a chance to have a one-one with the incredibly wonderful Zarn from Alice in Weddingland, one of the UK’s top wedding bloggers. You can take time out from any session to chat to Zarn who will happily answer any specific questions or worries you may have regarding your special day. Take advantage of this, as the industry loves her, brides love her!

As well as an e-book, you will also receive very special goodie bags, containing gifts and vouchers to help with your nuptials. PLUS for every bride who attends, she and her friend will be submitted into a draw, where they can win HAIR & MAKE-UP for their bridal party, a PHOTOSHOOT (either with their girlfriends or boudoir) plus many other prizes. (A full list will be disclosed to those attending, we don’t want to give to much away on here!)

The Wedding Academy is all about fun! Days where you can share the stress of the planning, give it to us, so we can make it easier for you! We very much look forward to welcoming you on the day.

So join the team from the Ultimate Wedding Magazine and me and come on down for a frabjous day and lets bathe in the beauty of everything wedding together.

Book now at ultimateweddingmagazine.co.uk and I’ll see you in a few weeks!!!