Wow here we are again, no sooner than the first issue was rushed out the door (ok uploaded to the web) am I sitting down again writing my introduction to our second issue. And what an Issue!!

This last month has been a flurry of wedding dresses and wedding photographers smothered in a healthy dose of Zombies. And on that note, Zombie themed engagements shoots and Zombie themed weddings are making an impact in the US and Australia and are creeping in {did you see what I did there } to the UK. We are being overwhelmed by the undead and are creating fantastical, personal and creative weddings. Through expressive makeup and a few gory details Zombie weddings are gaining popularity. Photographers are getting involved with their couples and are help ignite ideas and playful ways that Brides and Grooms can create a fun, personal day, like Amanda Ryndas Zombie engagement shoot.

Wedding photography is also changing it’s ways and we are seeing a surgence of beautiful, fashion inspired, editorial type wedding photos depicting Brides as glamorous models rather than ‘normal’ Brides and it’s so exciting. I adore flicking through Vogue and being mesmerised by the editorial work and now wedding photographers like Yervant International are leading the way with their stunning fashion meets wedding styled wedding photos.

In this Issue, my A-Team (your exceptional panel of wedding experts) leads you on your wedding planning journey again with articles on wedding fashion through the ages, wedding stationery and the trends, how to get awesome group shots on your wedding day and so much more. Let the A-Team help your wedding planning and if you have any questions at all, leave your comments on the posts or get in touch direct. These fantastically talented wedding industry people from all around the globe are here as your advisors – and they’re super friendly too.

So sit back with a cuppa tea and enjoy. And drop me some feedback or tell me about your wedding by leaving comments below or emailing me at : admin {at}

Have a frabjous day!