Alice Issue 1 Cover FBThere was no way that I was going to produce the launch issue of Alice magazine without, who I consider to be one of the most exciting and unique wedding photographers in the world, Scottish wedding photographer, Gordon McGowan. Hence the cover of our launch issue.

He emphasises for me the crucial element in selecting a wedding photographer – that is – he is uniquely different to your typical wedding photographer. At the click of the shutter button he creates contemporary art; transforming the Bride into visions of vogue-like models. And I’m in love with fashion wedding photography!

There are many photographers out there pushing boundaries with style, technical creativity and post-production artistry. Don’t settle for the average photographer unless that’s exactly what you’re after – average photos. This is your wedding, go for it! These are the photos you’ll look back on, you’ll show your friends and family, your kids, building your legacy. Be adventurous and get creative with your photos.

Gordon McGowan is considered to be the world’s most influential and internationally renowned creative wedding photographer, let his work be your guide as they have been for me in 18 months of doing my job and finding superbly beautiful, creative and unique wedding photos.


Down-The-Lens-Gordon-McGowan-02 Down-The-Lens-Gordon-McGowan-04 Down-The-Lens-Gordon-McGowan-07 Down-The-Lens-Gordon-McGowan-12Down-The-Lens-Gordon-McGowan-03

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