So you want a fantasy wedding and you love all things alternative, creative and beautiful. Ever thought about a Fairy wedding? This is how you do it… Full of sumptuous, creative details this themed idea created by Tricia Fountain (the same amazing lady that styled and created that gorgeous Steampunk wedding last year) has created  a fairytale and brought it to life. The details are spectacular, like the beautiful dolls on top of the cake . They’re identical to the stunning fantasy dolls my Mum used to make, so this shoot has a wonderful place in my heart.

If you’re creating a themed wedding, attention to detail is a must and Tricia is an absolute expert! There are so many minute details in this shoot that you could look over and over again and still find something new. My favourite (besides the cake toppers) are the floral crowns – just stunning – and they’re such a hot trend for weddings right now that these will surely inspire you. I absolutely adore the pink one below, this could accent any wedding dress!


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My all-time favourite story growing up was Peter Pan, I just loved that he could fly and lived in a magical land where there were faeries and mermaids. I would have gone there in an instant if I could.

As an adult I have read the Harry Potter books and seen the movies more than I care to admit. [pullquote_left]I was introduced to Tolkien[/pullquote_left] I was introduced to Tolkien only in the last couple of years and have now become obsessed with his books and Peter Jackson’s amazing movies.

All of this is a preamble to the statement that I am in love with all things faery beyond what I can convey in words! As an outlet to my obsession one day I decided to try my hand at creating a fantastical set of wings. This led to another set and then a faery costume and so on.

Very shortly thereafter my imagination had attached itself to the idea of a faery/elf wedding. Anyone blessed with an artistic sensibility knows I did not have a choice in the matter. [pullquote_right]This vision simply had to be created[/pullquote_right].

I cajoled my friends and hired a couple of actors from the local university and put them all in wings, elf ears and costumes.

I then called a photographer I know from the wedding business, Elizabeth Messina who was beyond kind enough to photograph my idea for me.

The results are laid out before you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating everything.

Tricia Fountain



Designed by: Tricia Fountaine Design –

Photography by: Elizabeth Messina –