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transfusion that is Victorian fashion and Science Fiction
. It is a genre made up of an eclectic mix of clockwork mechanics and steam powered engines softened by corsets, ankle-length chemise-like skirts and layer upon layer of flounced petticoats.

In case you haven’t been here long – I am a fan! In fact, this blog is made up of many Steampunk inspired images and as many of you know, I just can’t resist a bit of Steampunk so when it was time to create my first, ever, photo shoot – what else could it be?!

The vision

“I had a vision” as they say! And my goal was to find a fairly unknown, talented designer and help expose the beauty that is Steampunk fashion along with their stunning craft. I wanted to create a Steampunk story illustrating the passion, confidence and sexyness of the Steampunk Bride and the flexibility of Steampunk fashion by creating two different styles, illustrating two Steampunk Brides; a dark, confident, alluring Bride and a Light, sensuous, more feminine Bride. Two different Brides, one style – symmetry!

I wanted to create a Vogue-type fashion shoot, exposing just the Bride herself; the dress, the attitude, not the trimmings like the cake, the invitations and other weddingy things, just her – her confidence and the beauty that is the Bride who loves Steampunk fashion. And so began the search for a designer and in Iga Zwierzycka I found the sensational creative I was looking for and thus the Brides were born – the dark and the light!

Temptress and Innocence

And here starts my story. Styling is my passion and fashion is my love so putting together the Steampunk Brides photo shoot was a dream come true. Incorporating ideas, visions and talents of many, I was in my element creating this wedding story. (More on my journey in Part II of this post). Today I want to give you a visual explosion of my Steampunk Photo Shoot, shot by the brilliant fashion photographer, Andy Teo {aka Photocillin}.

Taking in two locations (including one very secret one) the photo shoot shows off the incredibly talented designer, Iga Zwierzycka of Atropos Design. Iga’s stunning Steampunk outfits (including a rams head in the middle of a bow on the back of our Innocent Bride) very cleverly detail the ideas of Steampunk fashion in a mix of sexyness, femininity and style, made exclusively for the Alice In Weddingland photo shoot (both outfits go on sale right here, exclusively on Alice In Weddingland on Friday this week).

The Cody Pavillion at Farnborough Air Sciences Museum was our main venue. Standing in front of the full scale replica of Samuel Cody’s Flyer, with a 53ft wing span, the girls looked oh so very Steampunk!

I’m proud to show you my first collaboration that is The Steampunk Brides: Temptress and Innocence, moved from vision to reality and here it is… what do you think?

The Flight to nowhere

Amidst the summer heat

Taking flight: home again

My frabjous team of creative talent

Thank you to Andy for his fantastic support throughout the entire project and to Iga for translating my vision to reality with her hands! And a wonderful thank you to the team at the fabulous Farnborough Air Sciences Museum for all their help and support on the day, you were frabjous!

Vision and Styling: Zarn, Alice In Weddingland
Photography:  Andy Teo aka Photocillin
Dress Designer:  Atropos Design
Makeup/hair:  Roxy Morgan MUA
Models: Kendra Deanne & Tor Callis
Venue: Farnborough Air Sciences Museum 
Bouquets: Handmade by Zarn, Alice In Weddingland
Umbrellas: My own (Love Umbrellas)

The Steampunk Brides: Temptress and Innocence

And suddenly, they were gone! And suddenly it was over! And now, I’m ready for my next one! 🙂

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My gracious thanks and huge hugs go out to everyone involved in the shoot, a girl couldn’t have asked for a more incredible team for her first photo shoot! It was an absolutely amazing day, it was incredible fun to style and create a vision and to finally have that vision transform!

What do you think of the results?

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Zarn xx