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corset is a stunning piece of fashion that celebrates the beauty that is a women’s figure. Made with sumptuous fabrics the corset has remained a timeless piece of seductive fashion which continues to evolve with contemporary designers pushing the boundaries in corset design. And a little fascinating part of history was that the first ever recorded corset was in 2000 BC, can you imagine it?

Worn by a Crete woman, however since then the corset has gone through numerous design changes and numerous fashion houses from Poiret to Jean Paul Gaultier.

It was however the amazing Vivienne Westwood in the 1970s who was the first designer in the 20th century to start using the corset since Poiret rejected it so many years before and she set the new trend in contemporary corsets.  Corsets being worn as outerwear are making a brilliant, contemporary comeback and for those of you like me who can’t get enough of them, todays photo shoot by the fabulously talented Couture Company, shot by the equally talented Claire Seville is a stunning example of contemporary designs.

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Gorgeous shot! Beautiful pose! Beautiful photography and stunning corset and skirt!!

The Couture Company was set up by Designer Jo Bromley to specialise in creating bespoke wedding gowns. Then, ten years ago, Jo’s interest in corsets developed into an off shoot business making custom made and made to measure corsetry – Rawhide Corsets. She now runs both businesses from her newly opened boutique in Birmingham’s Custard Factory where you can peruse and dress up in both beautiful gowns and corsetry together. You can also see Jo’s Work at The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham this November. This will be a MUST attend folks!!!


A little from Jo:

When Claire Seville told me she was working with THE Ulorin Vex and wanted me to be involved I nearly bit her hand off. Not only is Ulorin Vex my girl crush, she is also a stupendously amazing model. So we got together and decided we wanted to do something with a Steampunk/gothic feel, set against a historical, industrial, but still contemporary location.

We’re based in the heart of Digbeth which is old Industrial Birmingham, so we took to the streets and found some amazing locations, old factories adorned in amazing graffiti, huge railway arches, chimneys and viaducts, and even a some lush greenery, all shot in and around The custard factory Birmingham. With the first look, I teamed out Lucy in a corset in teal antiqued leather that is trimmed with leather buttons along with our full length crinoline cage skirt, and a tidy little nappa soft leather bolero with a tie neck, some big boots and some really funky goggles.

For the second look I chose to use our Cassie leather corset in a vibrant electric purple, it looked awesome with Ulorins Bright Orange hair so we teamed it with a short cage skirt that we had trimmed with leather trailing vines and a silk organza bolero with a nice pleated cuff and neck trim. Her amazing hat was by the fabulous Sharper Millinery.

Corsets and the contemporary fashionista

If you haven’t tried wearing a corset or if you’ve thought it’s not really the sort of thing you’d wear, I humbly urge you to try it. They are one of the most flexible, transforming pieces of fashion to enhance any wardrobe: with jeans, with a pencil skirt, with anything, under jackets, over a shirt – endless variety! So give it a go, don’t just leave the stunning corset as your Bridal underwear, get it out!!!

And get in touch with the frabjous Jo at either Rawhide Corsets or The Couture Company and have a chat to her about corsets, she’s an expert in the field and she’ll make you so pleased you decided to try one! I will warn you though, it will change you in more ways than one!!! I adore them, and I am a pro-corset chick who will try and talk every woman into owning at least one and I suddenly feel the need to extend my collection… Jo, I’m coming up for a cuppa tea!!!

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