Imagine my absolute, frabjous delight when I received this tweet a little while ago:

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Hi Zarn! Sip tea and have a look at our latest spread, inspired by all the Steampunk on your stream!

As most of you know I was introduced to the concept of Steampunk last year, and promptly became addicted.  The idea of a Steampunk wedding is exciting, it’s a fantasy and its unique! And when asked to be a feature writer for a new wedding magazine it was a no-brainer for me as to what I was going to write about – Steampunk wedding – and since then I am ever googling the latest Steampunk fashion and Steampunk weddings.

And then I saw what I’m about to show you!  They are, by far, the most beautifully styled, stunningly produced and incredibly photographed Steampunk shots I have seen. I have a passion for fashion editorial photography and so for me this Steampunk wedding photo shoot is easily the most amazing photo shoot I’ve seen this year!!!

A little note first

When I started this blog, my whole intention was to bring to you unique and creative ideas that scream with a bang!  Ideas you can mimic, create or use in your wedding to help make your wedding unique.  I wanted to showcase too, beautiful photography and show my readers the talented vendors in the industry and inspire all those reading the wedding blog!  It is the comments, emails and tweets I get from Brides and vendors that keep me so motivated so when I received the tweet above, at first it delighted me: they knew I loved tea.  Second, it put a huge smile on my face: they knew I loved Steampunk.  And lastly and the most wonderful of all, I had inspired them.  WOWZA! I was all choked up that such an incredible production came from a tiny bit of inspiration from me and that’s when I welled up! I sat quietly, deeply inspired from their tweet.  And I hadn’t even seen the photos yet?

Then I went to the link and my jaw not only hit the ground but expletives streamed from my mouth in absolute wonder and enjoyment!!!

This shoot from Singapore Brides still has me in a total state of ‘wow-dom’!  I absolutely adore their interpretation of a Steampunk wedding: it’s sophisticated, it’s feminine, it oozes sex appeal, the dresses are just gorgeous and the entire Steampunk wedding photo shoot is just frabjous!!

So as Singapore Brides tweet so beautifully put it: Sip tea and have a look at their latest spread!

I adore this bouquet – it’s just so clever!!!

This photo shoot by Singapore Brides a true representation of just what I love about theming your wedding.  They’ve taken the elements of the Steampunk theme and for me I would represent it in a Continuing on my love of Steampunk since my article Steampunk Up Your Wedding (for those who didn’t see it, the article will be on the site soon)

From Singapore Brides: is first and foremost, the largest online wedding portal with a comprehensive directory of bridal vendors and and a wedding planning resource for brides and grooms in Singapore. Since our small start in 2000, we now publish articles on wedding planning and DIYs, have our own wedding tools, and do our own product and fashion shoots for lots of wedding eye-candy.

Steampunk as a culture, or even a genre, is not as widely known in Asia as it is in the US or the UK, but we hope to change that. What is amazing about Steampunk is its ability to be everything at the same time: fantasy, alternative, historical, fictional… The fashion editorials that SingaporeBrides do tend to be edgy and groundbreaking, yet brides who are planning their weddings can use our photo shoots as lookbooks for their pre-wedding shoots or wedding themes. This shoot was so much fun to do because the entire team (set designer, fashion stylist, make-up and hair, photographer) loved the theme and did so much research on it. We had wonderful feedback when we published the shoot; the women loved the gowns and the colours, the men loved the top hats and gadgets. For anyone who wants a truly unique, alternative wedding, Steampunking is the way to go.

Frabjous Creatives:

Set Design, Props and Styling: Harryland Creative & Production

Wedding dresses:

Jawn Happy.Ever.After   |  LaVie Bridal Couture  |  The Wedding Present  |  WhiteLink

Amazing!  Stunning!  Divine!  Beautiful!  Enchanting!  Romantic!  Sexy!  And I could keep going…

There are so many talented people who worked on this shoot including dress designers, set designers, photographers, models and many more.  I’d personally like to thank Singapore Brides for producing and letting me show the world their Steampunk wedding photo shoot.

What do you think of this Steampunk wedding photo shoot?

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