Alice In Weddingland, a year ago, started out as a vendor based unique wedding blog showcasing the menagerie of amazing artisans creating a treasure trove of unique, unusual wedding products from around the world. And although it’s still a really important aspect of the wedding blog, we’ve grown up! We’re now a year old and in that year we’ve achieved so much that the blog has taken on it’s very own natural form, an exciting change is in the air, and I have an announcement! 🙂

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passion behind Alice In Weddingland is about uniqueness and attitude! As many of you know I was asked to be one of the feature writers for the Unique Bride Magazine a couple of months ago and was the cover feature article in the first issue with my Steampunk Up Your Wedding feature, showcasing a stunning example of a real Steampunk wedding. Today, I want to bring you the second article that featured in the magazine. It talks about the emerging trend that is the Unique Bride.  It’s the entire idea behind Alice In Weddingland and explains my ideas and experience behind creating what I think is a blogosphere that truly encompasses the Unique Bride. No longer is it all about white tulle and powder puffs but rather statement dresses and personality.

The article…

Out is white, in is attitude

What really defines a Unique Bride?  Is it simply doing things your way or is itdefining your wedding using a specific theme like ‘Vintage’ or ‘Steampunk’ and wearing a coloured dress?

With the convergence of fashion, tribal expression and identity, weddings are making a shift away from the classic Cinderella white fairytale to a much more individualistic expression of style and values.  The ‘Unique Bride’ wants to ‘be’ who they are, tell their story and not so much conform to what used to be or the traditions of what ‘should’ be.

Thanks to a global, social sharing world, Brides can readdress what’s important to them and their own individualistic expression. They’re wanting to carve out a uniqueness where they can define who they are by having a wedding that makes a statement to themselves and everyone they know.

A wedding is becoming more than a ritual of dedication and much more about who you are as a couple coming together: what you like and who you are.

Photo by Angelica Peady Photography

The Unique Bride makes her own choices whether it be traditional or not and designers are responding to this demand for difference, uniqueness and individuality and driving a shift in the industry to create stylised products that reflect this attitude.

Take the iconic wedding dress as a great example of change in attitude.  The wedding dress is getting sexier with the use of corsetry and now includes unusual styles in a myriad of colours and bold patterns.  Brides are even buying a dress off the shelf and altering it, almost in it’s entirety, to create the dress that says – “This is me!”.

But it’s not just Brides who have this change in attitude, the big fashion houses are also creating unique wedding dresses.  Take Vera Wang’s 2012 Collection, all in exotic blacks or Allesandro Couture’s 2012 collection with it’s gold, red and azure colours, and of course the stunning 2013 red collection by Vera Wang with scarlets, roses and bloods walking up the catwalk.

And there’s more unique choice swarming the wedding industry.  Take wedding photography as another example: it’s more about capturing the day as it unfolds (known as Documentary or Reportage wedding photography) and not just traditionally set-up shots of family and friends.  And the wedding cake.  It’s tiers are no longer just fruit but instead scrumptiously filled with flavours like chocolate and Baileys or vanilla and orange.  You can also skip the royally served iced version and have lashes of buttercream with works of art instead.

And it’s this change that defines a Unique Bride.

But changing the colour of your dress, or breaking a tradition or two doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a Unique Bride.

Take my wedding ten years ago as an example.  Looking back now, I could very easily call it unique, but not in the way that I now consider a Unique Bride.

I had been in the UK for a year when I married the love of my life in a rushed wedding.  I had none of my friends or family from back home in Australia (sadly nobody could afford the airfares) and thanks to a value stowed upon me by a traditional upbringing, ‘how dare I get married in a white dress’ for the second time, so instead I was in navy:  there I was in the Registry Office with Hubby-to-be’s life-long friends and family sitting around us and I was on my own, with none of my family, and none of my friends, in an ‘off the rack’ navy coloured (lets be honest) formal dress, from Debenhams and our small reception was held in the back of our local Church overlooking the graveyard.  It was a pretty unique affair which didn’t really include many traditions.  Or did it?

However to us, it was as traditional as we could possibly make it, not because we wanted it to be, but because we thought it ‘had’ to be:  I wasn’t in white, we had a traditional registrant at a Registry Office, my father-in-law walked me up the aisle and we held a reception and had traditionally set-up photographs.  The truth is, we followed all the ‘rules’, the ‘traditions’ that we thought we were supposed to but our wedding, although still a beautiful, wonderful day, was not the wedding we wanted!

And this, didn’t make me feel like a unique bride in any way!

That’s because being a unique bride to me, is standing up for your values, your beliefs for what your wedding should be and it should look like what you want it to look like and not be influenced by other people telling you how it ‘should’ be.

Whether you have a white, ‘traditional’ wedding or whether you get married in a black dress, have magpies instead of doves or escape, just a few of you, to a private location and have a private celebrant carry out your nuptials.  To be a true unique bride all you have to do is put the ‘You’ in Unique!

Announcement: I’m no longer writing for the Unique Bride Magazine

So that’s it! My last ever article in the Unique Bride Magazine. So why did I quit?

I spend hours rummaging around the internet researching, finding, cataloging and showcasing unique wedding ideas because I love it, and I’m good at it. But after spending the last year doing this, I’ve discovered a number of things about myself, the blog and where I want to go with it all! The most important being my love for fashion, style, quality (but not necessarily with the price tag) and creative, unique wedding vendors whose products are sharp, quality focused and passionately driven, oh and as most of you know, I’m a photography groupie! I’m addicted to looking at it, and showcasing it. Everything on the blog has to be beautifully unique! And I want to create a Vogue-like wedding blog: think style, think fashion, think vogue, think Alice In Weddingland! So the Unique Bride Magazine, while helping create unique weddings, wasn’t the right fit for our direction.

I want to influence your style, your fashion and ultimately your wedding!

I’m an avid Vogue reader: I love their style, their ideas and their uniqueness and this is where I’d like Alice In Weddingland to be. Showcasing Vogue standard wedding ideas that are accessible and not out of reach of Brides purely because of cost. Style, does not have to come with a price-tag. And while there are many blogs now turning to the ‘Unique’ idea, I’m not just about being the ‘Unique’ that is a Gothic, or a Boho wedding, my unique is about YOU, you are the unique and I’m coming at you en-vogue! Theming your wedding in Steampunk or Gothic or even a movie themed wedding doesn’t make it unique unless you’ve followed your heart, your ideas and who you are. In fact, we’re all unique! Lets face it! But a unique wedding isn’t unique unless it has you, what you believe in and whats right for you. Whether that’s an elegant black and white theme or a Steampunk theme, Alice In Weddingland are here to give you that Vogue touch! And that’s why I want to focus on our new project that’s been in development for some months now that will extend Alice in Weddingland to you in a way that writing for the magazine couldn’t.

As most of you know we’ve also started Mad Hatters Academy, which has been in planning since November last year and we’re excited to bring wedding vendors a place where we help you! We give back to you! And where you can become a part of our success in creating your success! Both Rob and I have met so many amazing people in this industry and its you who’s inspired us!

My goal – I want to show you the incredibly talented crafters and artists in the wedding industry who are creating stunning, unique, quality product around the world that is accessible to you for your Unique wedding. You don’t need to empty your pocket to get stunning wedding invitations, an incredible wedding photographer or even theme your wedding with Vogue-like style. And so therefore it was really important for Alice In Weddingland to have the right platform in which to showcase these people to you.

As a writer, it excites me to show you something new, something unique and something that might inspire you only, we do it en-vogue!

Gallery Serpentine new halter neck dress

A treasure trove of wedding vogue!

So with all of this Mad Hatter madness, the new direction of Alice In Weddingland and my new found love (my project) I’ll be introducing you to some really exciting stuff.  Don’t worry, the blog won’t change much, in fact you probably won’t notice any difference, only the new projects as they roll in and if you’d like to be kept up-to-date on my big project or be the first to know about the launch, sign up here 🙂 Its a little bit exciting!