There’s a change in the air.  Something somewhere is starting to emerge.  It’s different, it’s creative and it’s captivating.  Can you feel it?

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wedding dress as we know it is making a stand!

No longer are we just seeing white, ivory or gentle shades of either in wedding dress designs today. No siree!  The humble wedding dress has and is getting a huge make over and designers everywhere are incorporating bold statements with reds (like Vera Wangs 2013 collection) and blacks (like Vera Wangs 2012 collection).  Even the traditional fairytale style wedding dress is getting sexier with the use of corsetry and unique designers are popping up all over the world designing unique wedding dresses.  Unusual styles incorporating a myriad of colours and bold patterns are creating the ‘new’ contemporary wedding dress.  And today’s design duo, Mother and Daughter team from KMK Designs are creating stunning designs from a fairytale dress with attitude, to more gothic inspired creations.

KMK Designs is mother daughter collaboration: Daughter Kaitlyn McClain and Mother Sheridyn McClain.

Combined we have over 35 years experience . We love creating quality alternative wear  for women who want to be confident and unique. We believe that clothing should make you feel as beautiful as you are no matter what society’s standard is. We create outfits from gorgeous bridal gowns to everyday wear from fabrics we hand pick to be comfortable and elegant. We love neo-Victorian, Lolita and Gothic. Our clothing can be characterized and a modern twist of Steampunk, Japanese lolita and a lot of fantastical creation.

KMK Designs is founded and run by Mum, Sheridyn McClain who has had a passion for creation of costumes and clothes for as long as she can remember.  She has been a professional seamstress for over 30 years and has worked in many areas of the textile arts including costumes, alterations, fabric art and design.

Kaitlyn McClain is the networker, sketch artist and fashion designer for KMKDesigns.  She is currently working to get her major in Fashion Design at St. Catherines University.

The unique wedding dress

Photo above by Fairshadow Photography

Photo above by Photosynthetique

Photo above by Nic Abrego Photography

If you’re wanting a wedding dress that stands out, that has your personality all over it and that is different from your ‘average’ wedding dress – then go unique!  Be bold, be different!

And you can see just how different and wonderful it can be in this best ever steampunk wedding

Photo above by Photosynthetique

Photo above by Nic Abrego Photography

Photo above by Fairshadow Photography

Photo above by Fred J Ramoni Photography

Photo above by Fred J Ramoni Photography

The dress above is what started this post for me.  I spotted it while searching Etsy (for jewellery of course 🙂 I must feed my obsession from time to time).  The dress is a stunning example of how we must’nt put Gothic or Alternative into their often ‘darker’ reputation.  This dress embodies all the old practices of wedding dress making that make them so femininely beautiful, not ‘dark’ in anyway.

Frabjous Creatives:

Photos by: Fairshdow photography
Hair and Make-up by Sara Capers
Embroidery by Urban Threads

Photos by Fred J Ramoni Photography
Jackie Steinert: Model
Laura Dark: MUA

Photos by: Nic Abrego Photography

Photos by: Photosynthetique

If you’re after a unique wedding dress, then look out for talented designers like KMK Designs and wear ‘you‘ down the aisle.

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Out is white and in is attitude.


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