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The Dress
but have your heard of Trash The Suit?  I am absolutely over-the-moon, happy-like-a-little-girl-in-a-sweet-shop about the Trash the Dress and Suit idea and think it’s such a fabulous way to experience your wedding day again by doing something fun, rebellious and outside the box.

I have to admit, setting the dress alight may be going a little too far but the idea behind Trash The Dress/Suit really is brilliant!!!  Basically you get to have your own, personal photo shoot wearing your wedding day outfits again.  How terrible could that be?  Your imagination and your personalities are the limit.

The idea behind Trash The Dress, Trash The Suit is not necessarily to literally trash the clothes, you can opt for just get them dirty enough so that your local dry cleaner will save the day, but if your game – the sky is literally your limit.

When I received a tweet from Siegrid Cain regarding a Trash The Suit shoot, I was so excited.  After the post on Trash The Dress a couple of weeks ago on Alice In Weddingland some newbies to the idea had a little flutter at the thought of damaging their £2000 or more investment that is their dress.  Now rest assured ladies, your dress is so safe, even with Trash The Dress as you’ll see by this shoot.  Siegrid Cains shoot shows just how much fun you can have and not even need the dry cleaner {girls only} 🙂  Wait till you see what the Bride did with the Grooms suit.

I love this shoot… it has attitude, spunk and a load of love.  And I just adore the matching converse and the records, very reminiscent of my 80’s upbringing!!!  Siegrid has managed to capture the couples personality and I promise you by the end you’ll be considering wearing your wedding outfits a year after your wedding day.

Trash the Suit

Make-Up: Mimovic Visagistic  |  Location: Kapuzinerhof  | Photography: Siegrid Cain Photography

Go on, I know you want to :).  Have some fun!!!