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The Dress

Well, this is a new one for me and I’m wondering if you have heard about it?!  The craze I’m talking about is to trash the dress!  Picture this, you plan your big day, buy your perfect dress and no doubt look stunning and then in an act of post wedding rebellion your new mission is to trash your dress.  Whether it be through flame, mud, water – the choice is yours.

Trash The Dress – Who Started it?

It sounds utterly crazy doesn’t it? Well, trashing your wedding dress is actually quite a normal thing to do in the photography world. It was started in 2001 by a gent called John Michael Cooper from Las Vegas an you can see that the trashing is captured on camera through a glam photo shoot.  I love the varying backgrounds; lakes, graffiti walls, train tracks, whatever takes your trashing fancy.

So ladies, the idea is that you get to have two days of being the centre of attention; the first being, looking beautiful and marrying the man of your dreams and the second is all about doing whatever the hell you want, to your dress; like trash your wedding dress!  Although it is an alternative choice for your dress, it sure does save on storage space!

Trash The Dress Photos

Images by: Top – Sakura Photography, Bottom – McLellan Style

Images by: Top – Evan Bishop Photography, Bottom – Chugach Peak Photography

Love this photo by N Koester, very dreamy…

Trash The Dress Photos by Nkoester & John Michael Cooper

Images by: Top – NKoester Photography,  Bottom:  John Michael Cooper

Images by: Top right & bottom – John Michael Cooper

Lurrvv this one, elegant but off the wall and very edgy.  It’s amazing what a graffiti backdrop can do!

Would you trash your dress? Mine is sitting in a huge box in the loft and I don’t expect for one minute that my little girl will want to wear it 25 years down the line, so maybe it’s time for me to unleash my rebellious side and do something wild and crazy and set myself on fire in a pale pink wedding dress!! (Or maybe I will just swim in the sea instead, slightly less dangerous!)

Our recent post about Alpine images also features Becca in a lake, she chose to ‘trash the dress’ and still looked beautiful, sneak a peak.

Kate x