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Morning After the wedding photo
shoot? ย Did you see the controversial article in the Daily Mail last Thursday, all about the rise of the morning after the wedding photos? Well, the idea is sweeping the globe split into two: those who love the idea, and those that hate the idea and very few seem to sit in between. So I wanted to feature the idea and see what you think?

Since the Daily Mail article on the morning after the wedding photo shoot went live there’s been a lot of ‘hoo-haa’ about it all over the internet and almost everyone I talk to is either loving or hating the idea but one particular blog I discovered simply slammed the idea with a load of profanity and ridiculous abuse to those who want to do the morning after the wedding shots and so I was determined to do a piece on it and after contacting Michelle Jonne who was featured in the Daily Mail article, I have those very same photos to show you today. So what’s it all about?

The Morning After The Wedding Photo Shoot

So what’s the Morning after the wedding photo shoot all about? It’s pretty much as it states… the morning after you’ve tied the knot you invite your photographer back to document your first morning as Husband and Wife. In fact, it’s becoming quite popular to document the entire first day as Husband and Wife and I say “hell yeah!!” I love the idea and photographers such as Michelle Jonne are taking the idea and running with it. ย So while some newlyweds are sleeping off their celebrations as Husband and Wife in the cosiness of their sumptuous room, others are inviting Photographers like Michelle back to mark the occasion of the first morning as Husband and Wife.

Some may think the photos are too raunchy, but for who, I ask. ย Yes, maybe for some they were a bit too raunchy for the Daily Mail and I wouldn’t be giving mine to the local newspaper. However, like any photo shoot, the idea of the morning after the wedding photos would be for your own personal viewing: it’s then up to you who you want to share them with after. Look at it this way, women up and down the country are embracing Boudoir shoots pre and post wedding and these are just the same, only they have both of you in the shots! I personally think if you’re up for it it’s an incredibly intimate way to celebrate the occasion and give yourselves something different to remember.

Any photo shoot is all about you, not what’ should be done

And don’t forget, the entire idea behind any photo shoot, whether it be a Trash The Dress, wedding photos, Engagement photos or even a Portrait sessions is to capture YOU on camera. You’re lead by the photographer and encouraged to be yourself, show your personality and enjoy the shoot in whatever creative way you choose so you get to create whatever kind of photo shoot you fancy for the morning after the wedding photos: you can be as romantic or as raunchy as you like. As these photos by Michelle Jonne show, they’re romantic, they’re sensual, they’re beautifully taken and they document a beautiful, intimate occasion for the two of you.

Newly-wed bliss, not raunchy sex scenes

I think they’re fantastic and if I could statuesque myself in shots like that I would! But like anything, if you don’t like it, you simply don’t do it. I just don’t think it’s fair to slam the idea for those who want to capture such an exciting time together. To see more of these kinds of shots and Michelles stunning photos check out her website.

Soย are you up for it? Do you like it or do you hate it? Should more photographers be offering the morning after the wedding photo shoots. And if you’re a photographer, would you do it?