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The Dress
addict!!  My hand is in the air and I fully admit to it!  Why, because I love anything that is empowering for the self, that makes us step outside our usual comforts and makes us experience the world differently and a Trash The Dress shoot is exactly that.  But lets face it, you’ve spent a ton of money on your absolute dream wedding dress and really, it should be dry-cleaned back to perfection and stuck in a box for 20 years right?  Isn’t that what preserves our wedding dress?

Wrong!!! Well, in my opinion it’s darn wrong. Preserving your wedding dress is not putting it in a box.  It is wearing it again!  It is putting it on for another show!  It is having more than just wedding day photos on your wall!  That is preservation! That is legacy.

Why should the dream, the most sought after and expensive fashion purchase of our life be hidden away and never seen again.  What a truly silly idea!

Don’t put your wedding dress in a box!

Your wedding dress is packed full of emotions – don’t stick it in a box, please!

A Trash The Dress shoot not only lets you wear it again but it gives you more memories, more stunning photos and a hell of lot of fun because a Trash The Dress shoot is not in front of your closest friends and family or packed full of wedding day nerves: your wedding dress suddenly takes on the full you, not the Bride you, just YOU!  And the photos are magnificent and your wedding dress legacy suddenly becomes three dimensional.

I’m sure you can tell that I’m a little passionate about the idea 🙂  That’s because sadly my second wedding dress was a ‘grab it off the shelf’ Debenhams ‘formal’ type dress, thanks to the rush of having to choose something quickly and I, stupidly, ridiculously (ten years ago) was under the belief that ‘naughty me getting married again’ (bahhh to that now)!!! could not wear white a second time!  And I thoroughly, thoroughly regret it! Not that I would necessarily wear white now though (not after seeing alternative wedding dresses like Wai-Ching).  However, my point was I had very little choice and if I did have another dress of my dreams, then I would be Trashing it, my style, right now!

So DO IT!  Go for it girls!  Trash The Dress to whatever extent you fancy.  It will all come out in the wash (unless you decide to go paint balling of course, which in my opinion, then creates a whole new piece of art) 🙂

Today’s wicked Trash The Dress shoot in Blackpool is from the frabjously talented Dobege Photography! They have captured the essence of a Trash The Dress shoot perfectly: fun, engaging and all about the couple!

Trash The Dress by Dobege Photography

I have hair colour envy!  I have wanted to dye it a frabjous red for soooooooo long!  Should I do it?

The photo above is my favourite, it’s sexy and fun!


I have a little notepad where I stick my thoughts and crazy ideas in, and in it, there is a double page dedicated to Trash The Dress ideas because one day, (I’m secretly hoping it’s this August for our 10 year anniversary) I want to Trash The Dress!!!  My notepad’s far from being filled, so please help me with your uber-cool Trash The Dress ideas.  Let me know how you’d Trash The Dress, your style!

There is one thing for sure, I promise you, that you can get used to seeing Trash The Dress shoots on Alice In Weddingland!  Because I love them and just so long to have one myself!