Stop Press!  I interrupt my usual post for a very important message:

Alright already!  My legs are jiggling, my hands are doing a little freaky dance and I can’t sit still – Why?  Because I am going to pounce on the Postman the minute I see him for he will be holding the ‘Golden Ticket’, the one, the only periodical, paper printed glossy, uber sparkly Unique Bride Magazine.

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magazine is destined for great things because it is the only one that puts the You in You-nique!!!

For all those people who already have their copy, I am so envious!  I am still sitting here, eagerly anticipating the little red bicycle to pull into my driveway “Please Mr Postman hear my cries of anticipation and hurry up”.

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This is what the happy cover will look like:

Get your poppy socks, your biker boots or your ballerinas and run down to WH Smiths for your copy.  If you want to put the ‘You’ in your ‘You-nique’ wedding, this will be a great investment.

Front Cover Feature – Alice in Weddingland!

And being my Wedding Magazine debut, I am a proud little bunny to be sitting on the front cover.

Steampunk Up Your Wedding is my featured article and I’ll be posting the entire wedding from my article here on Alice In Weddingland in the next day or two (it’s a surprise) 🙂 It is a stunning, well styled, cleverly detailed wedding!

I’d love to know what you love about the article and what you’d love to see in up and coming articles in the magazine, so please leave me your comments.  After all, I write for you guys.

The floor is all yours…


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