This post is a happy post! No, no, no! Let me start again… This post is an extraordinarily happy post. Like the fox jumped over the moon kind of happy. Like you can’t stop smiling because you’ve just had your first glass of wine in ageeeeees kind of happy!  Not only am I beaming with the biggest grin right now but I am warmed with fuzzy feelings of excitement for two incredibly amazing guys!

There is one thing I know I’m good at and that’s an eye for photography. I know what a good shot is and a not so good shot. It’s been in me since I first picked up a camera in high school (I only wished that it translated to the technical side of taking photos, sigh). But I am good at it. And that’s why Alice is loaded with amazing, stunning and captivating photographs. I love them and am excited by them.

And today I found out some news that made me grin like the Cheshire cat…

…I am so excited to tell you guys that my two favourite photographers, Ky Luu of B.Captured and Tom Hall of Tom Hall Photography, two incredibly talented and wonderful Aussie’s who have scooped up awards today at the APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards). Think Grammy’s for photographers!

These awards aren’t just a few golden beers given out at a comfy barbie as you might expect us Aussies to do :-), no sirry! They are one of the toughest photography awards in the world …!

The two fabulous guys that I opened Issue 1 of Alice Magazine, Ky and Tom, whom months ago when I stumbled upon their websites, almost simultaneously, grabbed me around the belly and stung my heart with their breathtaking work.

Huge congratulations goes to Ky for taking out the prestigious title of Australia’s Wedding Photographer of the Year for 2013. Ky, I am honoured to have featured your work and am so, so happy for you. I know how passionate you are, it resonates in your work. And to Tom who scooped up 5 extra APPA points and is only 1 point shy of being declared a Master Photographer. I am humbled by your achievements and only hope that one day I can emulate your kind of art!

Here’s some of Ky and Tom’s work:

Ky Luu of B Captured

F&M-5-1 F&M-16-1 F&M-22-1 F&M-23-1 F&M-41-1AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-19 AliceInWeddingland-AIW-BridalPartyPhotos-KyLuu-14

You can see the World’s Best Steampunk Wedding for more of Ky’s incredible talent.


And the incredible Tom Hall Photography

Luke-Natalie-Wedding-Blog002 Luke-Natalie-Wedding-Blog018 Luke-Natalie-Wedding-Blog020 Luke-Natalie-Wedding-Blog017 Luke-Natalie-Wedding-Blog032

Aptly nicknamed by me as the Monet of Photography, Tom’s stunning Brisbane wedding is a must see.

With my most sincere thanks to both Ky and Tom for letting me showcase their work both on my frabjous UK wedding blog and Alice, the wedding magazine.

Keep your eyes peeled on the wedding blog and on Alice, the magazine for more of Ky and Tom’s work! Lucky me still gets to showoff their work!!!

Now I’m off to have a celebratory glass of wine (since it’s now 8pm)!!!