Is it any Wonder-land (see what I did there!) that we love an Alice In Wonderland wedding; the sumptuous colours, the quirky details, the Mad Hatter!!! It’s a popular wedding theme and todays beautiful, sophisticated Alice in Wonderland wedding photo shoot inspiration is one of my favourites! Sent in by Joyce from Brides and Beauty this shoot is simply two words – utterly frabjous!

We can all somehow relate to Alice don’t you think? And with the popularity of Alice In Wonderland weddings, an Alice themed wedding is making a comeback in a very sophisticated, stylish and exciting way. An Alice wedding is packed with luscious details and is smothered in hues of blue, blacks and whites with the accents of a rainbow. What better theme to create a beautifully feminine, sophisticated and uniquely quirky wedding!

Why do you love Alice In Wonderland so much? And if you don’t – why not?! I exclaim. For me there is much more than just fun phrases, wonderful characters and an abundance of quirkiness in Alice In Wonderland. Instead a myriad of guru-esq type phrases leap from the pages throughout the book which enlighten us in the same way that Benjamin Hoff enlightened us in his ‘Tao of Pooh’. It’s the bible of how to live life in my opinion – don’t take things so seriously, live outside what you know to be normal, and anything worth doing, is worth doing to the extreme. And overall, have fun!

One of my favourite quotes from Alice: “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then” adorns my office wall, it’s my gentle reminder every time I sit in front of my bigMAC to look forward, not back.

And then of course there is Alice herself – what’s not to love about Alice?! The perfect reflection of the prim and proper girl, brought up with tradition, yet eager to escape the boredom of ‘same’ and so dreams up much more exciting impossibilities. As Lewis said “Alice is ready to accept the wildest impossibilities with all that utter trust that only dreamers know; and she is curious – wildly curious.”


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A little from Joyce {Brides and beauty}:

I have always loved the story of Alice in wonderland and when I set up a local group of creative’s we decided that we should recreate the story in a shoot. The team was huge and many month’s in the planning because it was all weather dependent and we wanted to wait for the bluebells to be in season.

The main planners were myself (Joyce Connor) make up artist, Mark Andrews photographer and Charlotte Pembroke hairstylist. We knew this would be a huge task and created a moodboard on pinterest to give us ideas of which direction we wanted to go in whether it was going to be theatrical or editorial. We decide that editorial was going to work for us with a bit of a theatrical twist.

The shoot took place in the woods near Henley on Thames with an amazing creative team and 3 gorgeous models. We had a lovely day and the sun came out luckily. I decided to make all the pom poms because I wanted specific colours and they are a great DIY project. Melissa Woodland wowed us with her yummy giant cookie which got eaten pretty soon after the shoot too. Charlotte Pembroke added in some giant cupcakes too.

There are so many creative and talented people in this industry and I was honoured to work with them all.

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I adore this outfit! The hair, the jewellry! Ahhhhh! What a beautiful outfit for a Bride.


Frabjous Creatives:

Photography – Mark Andrews
Make Up – Joyce Connor
Hairstyling – Alice and Mad Hatter – Charlotte Pembroke
Hairstyling – Rabbit – Sam Walters
Scene styling Mark Andrews and Holly Cox
Make Up Assistant – Lilian Komor
Alice’s petticoats –
Rabbits dress –
Mad Hatters’ dress –
Glass bottles
Cake slice and cookie
Soft Furnishings
Models: Alice – Emily Currell, Rabbit – Rebecca Funnell, Mad Hatter – Alexandra Bucknall