I said it for the second time, “I do”, only this time with more conviction, more heart and a greater understanding of those two little words. As he clasped my hand tight and with his smile, I was entranced; mesmerised by the entire day and I felt serene in those words knowing that this time there was more behind them than ten years before.

This time, I said I do with our daughter standing between us, this time, we said our own, personal words and created The Vow, an intimate portrait of a couple who had missed out on their dream but who amidst the impossibilities, finally created it. We placed our hearts in each others hands again, only this time, our daughter was a witness, and this time… I wore my dream wedding dress.

Renewing our vows 10 years on

Ten years ago, when I first married Rob, I didn’t have a wedding dress, ten years ago we said vows that we were ‘told’ to say and amongst it all we made an uninformed decision and ended up with very little photos from our photographer. And this is why we renewed our vows and had a wedding all over again for our tenth wedding anniversary, only this time we did it all our way, with our own attitude and personality we created the story we wanted to remember – and oh emm gee! we had the most stunning, amazing, uber-duper, romantic, intimate, divine day of our lives!

I yearned to renew my vows. Not just to be able to recommit to each other and celebrate ten years of marriage. It was way more than that. I wanted my baby girl to see me in a dress, to be a little princess herself, standing beside me as my little Bridesmaid. I wanted Rob to see me in a wedding dress as much as he wanted to see me in one. And for the first time, speak words from our hearts, not a book. We wanted to celebrate our marriage as a family, enjoying an intimate family moment that is the creation of ten years of life together and having photos that we absolutely love, our legacy, was why we wanted to renew our vows. And a legacy we have, and I still sit with my Lady Grey each morning and look through all the photos, tears hiding in the corners of my eyes and feel so damn thankful that we now have these memories, these stunning images created by the beautiful Olivia Shaw that will adorn our walls. And that’s why we did it again, in our own unique way!!!

From cowboy boots under the dress, to the sparkly converse on my baby girls feet, I wanted to inject our personality into the day so that everywhere we looked something reminded us of who we are and what our last ten years had held. The something new, the Tiara from Aye Do is a beautifully art deco inspired piece, a love and passion of mine. The engagement ring was my Mum’s, it was her dedication to my Dad and now it caressed my finger with her history on my wedding day. The cameo around my neck, given to me by Rob on a very special occasion – and more – each part of the day was made up of us in some way and that’s what we never had the first time around!

An intimate portrait

The day was a dreamy landscape of pure bliss tucked up neatly in a stunning hotel; Rob, Me and our baby girl, together. Even rain wasn’t going to stop us (as you’ll see in the photos) that was, until the heavens turned torrential for the two hours of shooting, but the venue was a true romantic haven and Olivia was amazing at capturing our day, inside! I didn’t give up on a dream! Even when I had no dress to wear and it was 4 weeks looming. Sometimes, when you love hard enough and want bad enough, anything is possible! 🙂 I’m proud to show you these photos and I’m so happy to be sharing our journey with you!

 The day was like a blur that stood still, a creation of a dream

A dream, to have my sweet baby girl as my Bridesmaid

My mothers engagement ring, a sentiment I never had when we were married

It rained, non-stop the entire time! And we loved it because it changed the moment into a memory!

One photo and I was in love. Five weeks later and I was wearing the dress of my dreams!

Our skeleton chair find! Wickedly unique!!!

From the dress, to the cowboy boots to the shoes on my daughter’s feet – it was going to scream ‘US’! Every little detail told our story, our ten years as a family and represented our vow, our intimate portrait.

To the loves of my life – You, Me, Us!

Frabjous creatives who performed our miracles

I am going to go overboard here and rave, RAVE, R-A-V-E about the people who made our day, our dream and who inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing because they were truly, utterly, frabjously incredible!!! And all the above would not have happened without their love and support!

Firstly, Melta Yani, the girl who gave me my dream dress, you are the most delicisous sweet girl I have ever met and for your gracious effort in getting the dress made and sent all the way from sunny Indonesia to the UK in three weeks – you astound me and I am forever thankful for my dream come true!

To Olivia Shaw, the most charming, gorgeous woman with an incredibly keen eye for detail (and her fabulous assistant), your photos of us have captured who we are in perfection. Thank you for a gift that is irreplaceable, and thank you for our family legacy! {Here I go again – tears} you truly have given me what I longed for for ten years!!! We don’t just have one nice photo, we have so many that we can’t chose which goes on our wall! 🙂 You have turned our greatest regret into our greatest joy!

To Brian and William of William Clarke Flowers, the creative hands that make magic and fairytales come to life! The flowers were out of this world; elegant, colourful, wild and unique, so beautiful, so romantic! They drew tears when Rob walked through the door with them and I first saw your stunning creation. Thank you! I love you both!

To Joan, from Aye Do, the most beautiful wedding accessories shop – you are just the most infectious Scottish lass I have ever met and hope to actually meet in person one day! Your passion, your style and your sophistication are inspiring and you have created a one-stop dreamy shop for Brides. I am just so thankful I stumbled upon your site! The Tiara was stunning and the bracelet (which seemed to hide in most pictures) felt like a starry, romantic symbol caressing my wrist. Thank you for the most pearled bling I’ve ever worn!

And to my Queen Of Hearts, who create the most beautiful edible works of art I’ve ever come across. Your uniqueness in product and in yourselves I just adore and that cake, THAT CAKE! Filled with chocolate, orange yummyness that had the Venue staff raving! I am not a chocolate cake fan, Rob is the choccy lover but you have turned a non-believer into a hell-yeah believer. It was the most moist, most flavoursome chocolate cake I have ever had the pleasure of devouring, and I didn’t get any on the dress 🙂 Thank you so much,

And to the sweet lady who has Edward Scissorhand magic when she picks up a makeup brush. Carolanne Armstrong, thank you for making me feel and look beautiful, youthful and radiant!!!

And to Great Fosters, the most stunning wedding venue I have walked in, sat in, contemplated in, loved in and married in!!!

Photography:  Olivia Shaw, Shawshots
Wedding dress:  Melta Yani
Flowers:  William Clarke Flowers
Accessories: (Tiara and bracelet) Aye Do
Cake:  Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes
Makeup: Carolanne Armstrong
Venue:  Great Fosters

There is so much more I want to say about our entire journey and the amazing people involved so over the next few weeks, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with a few more cups of tea with me as I feature all those involved in our big day in their very own posts because I want you to get to know them and hear the story of what went on behind the scenes, how incredibly supportive all the creatives were, how I came up with my colour scheme, the details and even how I cried and cried buckets when the first dress I was having made fell through and how I came to finding Melta, my beautiful little designer who even though 8000 miles away – gave me the dress I longed for and never thought I could have!

Our dream! Our journey! Our Vow!!!

And thank you for being part of our journey and for your stunning support for Alice in Weddingland over the last year. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you here and I hope you hang around with us some more.

And lastly to the person who said some time ago – “why on earth are you getting married again”… LOOK ABOVE!!! 🙂

With love
Zarn, Rob and Boo xxx