Groomswear is (thankfully) becoming as much of an art as the Wedding Dress itself.  Out is the stock standard suit and in is alternative Menswear and Gallery Serpentine in Australia is taking on the market by redefining the Grooms suit and creating art all in the name of fashion!!!

“Oh my God” was all that came out of my mouth when I saw the photos below for the first time.  Needless to say I am tickled pink, blue and red today because I get to introduce you to an amazing, talented company who are not only from my home country (no bias I promise) 🙂 but are so creative and so unique that they are helping redefine a new breed of Menswear.  And I couldn’t be more proud to introduce them to the UK Wedding market.

And they do some awesome Steampunk Wedding Clothing

Gallery Serpentine

Gallery Serpentine are home to Australian corsetry and alternative bridal couture and they embody what couture should be!!! Still, an entire week after seeing the photos below, the words still escape me as to how I can explain how I felt when I first opened the email and saw them.  And, thank goodness I have their corsetry to show you at a later date because it is simply, well…sublime.  And I truly don’t use that word easily.

You can see by the quality of fabric and the shapes cut into that fabric that Gallery Serpentine have created exquisite Menswear.

This image above gives you a glimpse into the workmanship and talent that goes into a Gallery Serpentine design and photo shoot.  The photo is so impeccably done that I thought that I was looking at dolls when I first saw it.

 This is not just couture – this is art!

Looking at the photos of the Groomswear by Gallery Serpentine you get an experience.  What I mean by that is that you not only see, you feel and you imagine just by looking at the photos.  I don’t see a waistcoat on a male model, I can almost feel the material, I can imagine the style of wedding they would be in and I see absolutely stunning craft turning into a story.

I love the fact that the dress isn’t the only piece of clothing that is the highlight and centerpiece of a wedding anymore.  And it’s not just about a nice suit that looks good on your man; it’s more.  It’s telling the story with both pieces, styling them together, giving richness to who you are by choosing what tells your story both individually and together.  Now that’s romance! That is style!

I am so glad Menswear has finally moved beyond the boring suit and tails.  When your H2B puts on one of these waistcoats he won’t just look lovingly at you as you walk down the aisle, he will also be exuding that same confidence and pride in himself because of what he’s wearing, just like you will be in your stunning dress.

When I originally wrote a post on a Steampunk Wedding Shoot I fell in love-at-first-sight with Gallery Serpentines corset that the model wore and this started my even bigger love affair with the company who are based near Sydney, Australia.

You can of course mix and match shirts, waistcoats, everything and define your own style.

‘An antidote to the mundane’, Gallery Serpentine exceed their own motto!

Please don”t just pigeon-hole this as Gothic or alternative Couture, it deserves so much more than that.

Just like the new trends in grooms footwear thank goodness the boys now have more choice with alternative Groomswear.  This is for men who want style, men who want to exude confidence and men who want to make a statement.  Even the quiet man will ooze that inner confidence when he puts on Gallery Serpentine Couture, even if for one day.

I love these guys and still as I finish this post am in awe at the workmanship, talent and creative ideas that have gone into not just the clothing but the entire styling of the clothing and the photo shoots themselves.  So clever and so impressive – this is the kind of quality you want for your wedding!  Please get in touch with me if you would like to know the details about any of the above including prices.

And you can find more Steampunk Weddings and ideas over here

Thank you Gallery Serpentine for letting me expose your incredible collection, I am truly grateful!



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