Goodbye boring old numbers, hello exotic memories and favourite things! Table names, it’s more than a number these days so what do you call them? Do you give them a name or number at all? Traditionally tables were identified by numbers but theses days it’s all about pizazz and personality and adding that personal touch by giving your guests a glimpse into your world.  So you’ve got your guest list, you know how many tables your going to have and now you want some inspiration… today I’m here for you babes so grab yourself a cuppa and sit back and browse through some of these ideas.

Firstly think about the things that reflect who you are as a couple; where have you been, what holidays did you both absolutely love, where did you meet, do you both share any interests? Maybe it’s your personalities that can best tell your story; have you both got an awesome sense of humour? For me it would have to be on titles. Music is my lifeline and both me and hubby adore it (I dabble at singing (and bravely do it outside the shower on rare occasions) and he is my dream Lead Guitarist) so our table names would have to be something that resonated with this.

Another very slushy example, my amazing bestie named her tables after sweets when she married her gorgeous man in 2006.  Names like ‘Shrimps’, ‘Flumps’, ‘Flying Saucer’ and ‘Fruit Salad’.  Why? Grab your tissues girls.., because her and her man are childhood sweetheartsoh so romantic!  That so appeals to my squidgy side.

Wedding table name ideas:

My top favourite table names:

  • Song titles!

More choices:

  • Quotes from Alice In Wonderland (of course)
  • The word ‘Love’ in different languages (my second fav)
  • Buddah words/quotes – The word “Thoughts” for example with a quote written underneath it
  • Places you’ve seen together
  • Street names that you’ve lived in
  • Sporadic numbers e.g. “27th” which could be the day you met, extend the list with birthdays, any special days, favourite numbers etc
  • Emotions (I like this one)
  • Sweets
  • Herbs (and integrate this into the tables by including the herbs in bowls on the tables)
  • Flowers (think specific i.e. not just rose but types of roses)
  • Fav. movies
  • Fav. song titles
  • Landmarks
  • Maybe just words of any kind in a different language
  • Romantic poem titles
  • Nicknames for your closest friends and relatives – although this may offend a few 🙂
  • How about ‘table’ names eg coffee, periodic, dinner etc! (although this is for those with a sad sense of humour like mine)
  • Are you a cook?  How about famous Chefs or favourite dishes
  • Words that start with both your First Name letters
  • Unusual Disney character names (with facts about them written in small print)


Photo by RSVP Candy


Photo by Sarah Culver Photography


Photo by Paper Baker here in the UK

The are so many things you could do but the best table names are those that have personal meaning to you.  Table names will be a talking point for your guests so it’s a great way to strike up conversation between them and help them get to know a little about you both.

And most of all, enjoy the entire experience of sharing and creating the names together.  It can be
a great laugh!