I am a bit of a Dragon’s Den fan.  I love seeing success stories of the’ little people’ (not giant corporate take-overs) as it’s their hard work, tenacity and motivation that is so inspiring.  And I have to admit I do love couch-moaning at Theo, Duncan and Deborah whenever they carry on!  Sometimes they can be so judge mental and insensitive in their responses to these wonderfully, innocent people who come into the Den with their dreams.

However, Hillary, the new female Dragon on the show seems to be more passionate and sensitive.  She’s the quiet but but no-less powerful dragon: a go-getter, someone who once determined, doesn’t stop.  I remember one show where she joined forces with two uber-talented ladies with a video camera.

Shoot-It-Yourself is the brainchild of Andrea and Becs: two creative TV Directors who saw a gap in the wedding market.  Their genius idea means that you get to hire the cameras to do your own style of ‘reality TV’ type filming and then they use their expert editing capabilities to turn it all into one extremely exciting, emotional and enchanting story of your wedding day.

Videography by you, editing by the pros!

Check out their promo video.  It’s a great example of their editing prowess!

I love their idea!  And it’s really affordable.

I remember my sister-in-law had 3 of her guests promise to bring video cameras to her wedding and not one turned up (video cameras that is) so she has no footage of her wedding at all.

The idea of hiring top grade professional quality video cameras and appointing someone to take control, someone you can trust who gets to master the art of reality TV up close and personal is so much better!

One for the girls, one for the boys!

The idea is that you get one camera for the boys, and one for the girls.  This way, your camera gets to go into places where you just wouldn’t want a professional camera person to be.  Like the dressing rooms and intimate moments shared before the big event: like those with your Mum and Dad where you all cry with such excitement!  Oh I love those moments 🙂

After the big day you just simply zip the cameras back to Andrea and Becs who then do the really hard stuff and sift through all the hours of footage to create a fantastical story for you of your wedding day. Simple and fun!!!

Check out their super cool website to find out more about Andrea and Becs and how their inspirational story started or get in contact with them for more info.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – “Just do it!“.   You don’t want to miss your wedding day.