The most symbolic jewellery decision you’ll ever make is your wedding ring. From yellow gold, white gold, platinum to a mix of them your wedding ring and engagement rings are not just a symbol of commitment, love and foreverness, but will be the only permanent fashion accessory you’ll own. So what do you need to consider when buying them? Firstly, chose whether you’d like to design your own set or buy one. Then, it’s just a matter of picturing what sort of stones you love and in what coloured setting. A few other things to consider:

  • If you intend buying an eternity ring in the future, make sure the wedding ring leaves enough room on your finger.
  • If you want your ring engraved, think about choosing a wider band.
  • How about patterned, celtic or diamond set rings?
  • While alternative rings are fashionable, the traditional plain band remains popular and will be a forever piece.
  • What’s your budget? Are you shopping for a cheap engagement ring to spend more on the wedding ring or vice versa.
  • Are you a diamond engagement ring kind-a girl? Try to research the difference in quality and price to give you a better idea of budget.

And how do you know it’s the one? Well, when you try it on your hand, you must have that mouth a page kind of smile that screams “oh wow, I love it”! and all you want to do is walk out of the shop wearing it, right NOW! Here’s some stunning rings from Jewellery World who have been crafting the world of jewellery since 1974! gold-1 gold-2 gold-3 rd117-yellow-1 rd117-yellow-2 rd117-yellow-3 rd121-white-1 rd121-white-2 rd121-white-3