Ballerinas and Butterflies a wedding photo shoot with whimsical inspiration to help plan your wedding. Showcased in Alice, the wedding magazine this month was the brilliant behind the scenes, cinematic trailer of this wedding photo shoot and as promised here is the stunning photo shoot itself.

Designed by Renza of Delicioux Cakes and photographed superbly by one of our frabjous A-Team, Icy Lazare this shoot is full of inspirations for Brides to Be; a pretty desert table with a colourful wedding cake, three adorable flower girls dressed in ballet tutus, sequenced shrugs and feather boas and two models with wedding dresses designed by Wilden Bride. Marsha Hall created bespoke shoes with hand painted butterflies and Rosie Weisencrantz adorned the bridal party with her stunning jewellery. Adding magic and fantasy to your wedding day but with lovely details of colourful bouquets by Fearless Florals, environmentally friendly rice paper butterfly confetti, bespoke jewellery and two second hand dresses that were revamped by Wilden Bride.

Renza from Delicioux Cakes of Epsom, Surrey said that her aims with the shoot “were to provide Brides to Be with handy tips of combining old with new, to prettify bargain hunts with bespoke accessories and inspire them to look and feel like a prima ballerina on their wedding day. All this without breaking their budget”.

A whimsical and dramatic collage of ballerinas, weddings and butterflies! It’s gorgeous! It’s colourful and it’s so beautifully unique!

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Frabjous creatives:

Cake and desert table and styling: Delicioux Cakes
Photography: Icy Lazare Photography
Videography: John Harris Video Production
Wedding Dresses: Wilden Bride
Stationery & Button Bouquets: The Finer Details
Butterflies: Rice Butterflies 
Flowers: Fearless Florals 
Hair: Wonderful Wedding Hair
Jewellery and headpieces: Rosie Wiezencrantz 
MUA: Clare Pinkney Make Up 
Shoes: Marsha Hall
Chocolat Flavours: Chocolat ai Toi
Painting on shoes: Beautiful Moment
Models Laura Croom and Kate Pilbeam

Please do check out the video by John Harris Video Production over on Alice, the magazine – it’s fantastic!