Photography is simply a moment captured in time. It is both provocative and evocative and is a visual reproduction of life turned into art: moments accentuated by the imagery presented before you created by it’s artist. And photography is addictive! So what makes a great image? What determines a stunning photograph? And what defines great wedding photography?

When I started this blog it was with the passion and motivation from a Bride who has no legacy, no wedding photos to hang on her wall. I was unfortunate enough to loose out big time with our wedding photographer and yet now that I’ve created my own job as a blogger and write Alice In Weddingland, I am surrounding daily by stunning artists, visual artisans who are capturing wedding days around the globe in masterful succession leaving couples in love with their own legacy, their own wedding photos. And instead of making me sad or angry at what we don’t have, I am inspired by the amazing talent and all the stunning images that couples today are getting as their wedding day legacy.

Your wedding legacy

Photography has been my hobby, my life, since I was young. I still don’t fully understand all those f-stops and apetures and techno gizzy statements (and one day hope that one of you talented bunch out there offer to show me, err hmm, hint hint) but I can look through a lens and know what looks great.  And I know what I like when I see great photography too. Educating you, my Brides on the importance of your wedding photography is my mission because I want you to have stunning wedding photos.  I want you to look at your album when you first get it and be in love with what you see and feel like a model in a wedding shoot, only you have the love to prove it was real. And it’s because of this passion that I will keep brining you exceptional photography from around the globe so that you get used to what is good photography, what photos are exceptional and what you want to get from your chosen wedding photographer.  It doesn’t matter what style you choose, traditional, documentary or alternative but what matters is that the photos are great and that you love them! What is important is that you get visually beautfiul art in an album with you as the star!

Underwater art

So this morning I couldn’t resist showcasing Zena Holloway’s underwater photography.  I know you won’t be swimming down the aisle but Zena is another stunning example of a master at her craft, photography that is, creating beautiful visual stories, taking her subject and creating a beautiful outcome. Zena creates underwater stories that capture your imagination. Her creative direction and intuition produces extraordinary magical imagery with her dreamlike photos pushing the boundaries of fashion photography.  Her work is visually beautiful in every sense and by using her skill and expertise as a scuba diver she is breaking boundaries within her niche, underwater photography.  

Zena began her photography when she was 18 while working as ascuba diving instructor. She saw the magic that was hiding in her underwater world. Her images are captivating, ethereal and evoke emotion.  This is the kind of photography that makes me grin like the Cheshire Cat, its’ so interesting and so creative that it gets the goose pimples goosing and the hairs on my neck start standing to attention. Zena’s work is so, so exciting!

So what makes great wedding photography? The same things that make great fashion photography or great fine art photography! Each field of photography, just like in any art form, has their specialized areas but what makes them great is the person behind the camera: the artist, the person with the vision. A wedding photographer is not any less brilliant than a fashion photographer or fine art photographer or vice versa – each use the same medium, simply the purpose is different. They all use a camera, learn the same technical stuff and have the same intention: to capture a moment, but like any art, it’s how they view their subject and put together their creativitiy, their experience and their passion to create the final product. With wedding photography, it’s just that you’re the subject!

Fine art photography and fashion editorial photography are seeping into wedding photography nowadays and it’s exciting. I look at a lot of photos, and have done for a long time so I’m confident I know what I like and that’s what you need to do too. Check out loads of wedding photographers websites and get to know what you like in the photos. Be inspired by the beauty, the precision, the movement and the delicacy that is Zena Holloways beautiful images, soak them up (no pun intended) and let them saturate you with a smile.  And if you swim up the aisle, please be sure to let me know first! You know I’d love to feature you on the blog. But if you’re having trouble choosing your wedding photographer or feel like it’s a mine field get in touch, I’d love to help you. If you have any concerns or questions, have a chat and leave your comments below.

Zarn x